Report: Spree Killer Ali Syed Was ‘Videogame Playing Loner’

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 at 7:51 am

As predicted, national coverage of the California rampage killer Ali Syed has been pretty much nonexistent, which is quite strange given the media obsession with guns these days. Forget the networks reporting on it, you need to go to the British press to get even the slightest bit of detailed coverage.

Yet now we discover that much like Newtown killer Adam Lanza, this Syed creep was a loner allegedly obsessed with video games.

A woman who was the first of three people killed in a gunman’s rampage has been identified, but her relationship to the shooter — a videogame-playing loner — remained unknown Wednesday, authorities said.

Courtney Aoki, 20, of Buena Park was shot multiple times early Tuesday in the home that gunman Ali Syed, 20, shared with his parents, said Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

But beyond that, authorities know little about her, including how she got there, her occupation, and how she knew Syed, Amormino said.

Syed, a part-time community college student who ultimately committed suicide, was a loner and a “gamer,” Amormino said.

“He spent a lot of time alone in his room playing video games,” he said.

A 12-gauge shotgun used in the killings belonged to Syed and was purchased by his father, he said.

The rampage began before dawn Tuesday at the home in Ladera Ranch and ended 25 miles to the north during the early morning rush hour, police said.

Syed killed two more people during carjackings, injured at least three more, and shot up cars zooming down a busy freeway interchange before committing suicide with his shotgun as police closed in, authorities said.

The shooter forced one commuter stopped at a stop sign out of his BMW, marched him to a curb and shot him three times from behind as shocked witnesses looked on, Tustin police Chief Scott Jordan said.

The motive for the shootings remained unclear.

Funny, but in many of these mass shootings the media immediately leaps to the conclusion that the killer was a member of the Tea Party. No such speculation this time. Just the motive remains unclear.


12 Responses to “Report: Spree Killer Ali Syed Was ‘Videogame Playing Loner’”

  1. Phil-351 on 21/21/13 at 9:34 am

    Syed did this on the day Biden advised everyone that an AR-15 was not a key tool to home defense, but a shotgun is. Firing a shotgun at who knows what can make you safe. The press can’t have the VP looking more like an idiot than his own words do alone.

  2. Bannor on 21/21/13 at 9:51 am

    Yeah with all Biden’s talk about buy a shotgun the press doesn’t want to touch it. though even if it was an AR-15 or AK style rifle that guys name ensures that the media will embargo the story. I think that more than anything can be blamed for the lack of reporting, though i can never figure out if it’s the media’s fear of violent reprisals or muslims “most favored victim status” that keeps them from reporting on guys named Mohammed or Ali.

  3. shillelagh on 21/21/13 at 10:10 am

    I’m sorry, but noting a teen-to-20-something guy is a “gamer” these days is like noting he dresses in blue jeans. It is completely unremarkable and average.

  4. Blue Hen on 21/21/13 at 10:43 am

    But the good news about hiding behind gaming is that the beautiful people will start pissing off gamers.

    Ban ads for games on TV!!

    Joe Camel never carjacked anyone!!!!!

    Is this horseshit? Of course. These games of vilification are fine and good when the dear leader and the lap dog media goes after doctors, ATMs, gun owners, rethuglickans, business owners Catholics, Israelis and rethuglickans some more.

    let them go after gamers. let them have Delaware’s own Joe Biden advising people to commit felonies and blast away with shotguns. Let them vilify doctors agiain when they reject medicrap.

    None of this will change until enough people get thrown under the bus so it can no longer move.

  5. Nick Shaw on 21/21/13 at 10:48 am

    Read the guy’s name.
    Ask exactly what kind of games he was playing. Were they Jihad games?
    Take it from there.

  6. mike191 on 21/21/13 at 10:50 am

    Shotgun and pearls of wisdom from,the flamer Biden.Conjoined with Ali Syed,alienated gamer,possible jihad wannabe always ends the “Fourth Estates” curiosity.

  7. Jeff on 21/21/13 at 2:36 pm

    Yet another example of how the DVM (democrat-voting media) selectively manipulates people’s mindsets. In this case it’s not what they report, but what they don’t.

    Must be nice that almost all the people who report on you and talk about you on TV also vote for you.

    And of course people who work at the DMV also vote for democrats. ;-)

  8. Vic Kelley on 21/21/13 at 7:07 pm

    If he had been White then the story would be on all media outlets all the time. Or if he’d killed an ethnically favored victim – like a 15 year old high school colored female – then that would’ve got the story more coverage.

    I don’t want to make any excuses for the media, BUT they gotta be pretty tired from catching up on their obama time. They missed obama when he was gettin’ down in the FLA and now they’re busy covering him. You know, the important stuff.