Rahm Emanuel’s Approval Rating Craters; Just 2% ‘Strongly Approve’

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 at 8:27 am

That 2% must be union and gang bosses.

Overall, according to the survey of 600 voting-age Illinois residents, 50 percent say they at least lean toward disapproval of his performance as mayor, versus only 19 percent who somewhat or strongly approve, or lean toward approval. That’s a margin of 31 percentage points.

When Crain’s/Ipsos last polled about the mayor, in September, those surveyed were about split, with 34 percent approving and 33 percent disapproving. Remaining respondents in both cases said they have mixed feelings or aren’t sure.

In Chicago itself, voting-age adults aren’t nearly as negative as other Illinois residents. But as he nears the middle of his four-year term, Mr. Emanuel’s standing has slipped, though most of his loss of support has gone into the “mixed feelings” or undecided category, rather than to disapproval.

Specifically, just 2 percent of Chicagoans surveyed said they strongly approve of the mayor’s job performance, with 12 percent somewhat approving and 5 percent leaning that way. At the opposite end, 13 percent strongly disapprove, 9 percent somewhat disapprove and 13 percent lean toward disapproval.

How much do you want to wager he’ll blame the NRA for his problems?

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3 Responses to “Rahm Emanuel’s Approval Rating Craters; Just 2% ‘Strongly Approve’”

  1. Blue Hen on 22/22/13 at 9:38 am

    newsflash: buzzard is knocked off of roof of outhouse. Stench at 11:00.

    I asked this with regard to Rainbow Jr. How corrupt and/or stupid do you have to be for a leftist star to fall in Chicago?