Radical Leftwinger Obama: “I’m not a particularly ideological person”

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 at 7:29 am

He’s just trolling us now. The most far left president in our nation’s history, the man who has politicized breathing, now claims he’s not ideological. Now where’s he say this? At a Democratic fundraiser, of course.

 President Barack Obama, on a fundraising swing in Seattle on Sunday, described himself as “not a particularly ideological person” despite ongoing political clashes with Republicans over healthcare, the economy, and immigration reform.

Fresh from a deal with Iran over its nuclear program, Obama started a western swing on Sunday that will include stops in California to raise money for Democrats, tout his record on the economy, and push for reform of U.S. immigration laws.

At the Seattle fundraiser the president noted the National Security Agency revelations, the mass shooting of children at a Connecticut school, and events in the Middle East were all reasons people were discouraged in the United States. He left out healthcare reform from that list.

The rollout of Obama’s signature health law has been plagued by a glitch-filled website and cancellations of some insurance plans that the administration had said would not be in jeopardy. The problems have hurt Obama and his fellow Democrats in the polls.

Taking over one-sixth of our economy on a nakedly partisan vote? Why that has nothing to do with ideology. What an absurd person he is.

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