Queen Hillary? Political rent-seeking and her expected coronation

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 at 9:13 am

No wonder that, as Politico reports, other prospective Democratic presidential candidates are despairing: “The Democratic field has largely been frozen in place as party leaders give near-total deference to [Mrs.] Clinton, the former secretary of state who is a prohibitive favorite in early Democratic primary polling. . . . For any non-Clinton Democrat, exploring the 2016 election is something of an exercise in perceived futility.”

To be sure, the Clinton Foundation’s wealth isn’t the only reason Mrs. Clinton looms far larger than any of her prospective opponents. The field is somewhat weak owing to the Democrats’ disastrous performance in the 2010 election. (Republicans had the same problem in 2008 and 2012.) Unless you count Joe Biden, Mrs. Clinton is the only prospective candidate who has previously run for president.

And of course, she was thought inevitable in 2008. Then again, back then, according to the Times, her husband’s foundation “found itself competing against Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign for donors amid a recession.” For now, the foundation and the “campaign” are one and the same, and one expects that if Mrs. Clinton begins a formal campaign some two years hence, it and the foundation will operate much more harmoniously this time around.

On Tuesday we asked if the Internal Revenue Service would investigate the Clinton Foundation for evidently acting as a front group for a political campaign. The question was facetious; as we wrote, the Obama IRS only goes after little guys.

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