President 37% Panics, Orders Military Death Benefits Paid to Families

Posted by on Oct 09, 2013 at 1:51 pm

His slavish media lapdogs didn’t dare to ask him about this at that so-called press conference Tuesday, but clearly Obama realizes that with a rapidly dwindling approval rating being such a mean-spirited, petty asshole isn’t playing well with normal Americans.

President Obama has ordered officials to resume paying death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers and was “very disturbed” they had been halted due to the government shutdown, said White House spokesman Jay Carney.

An obvious lie, but the media dutifully regurgitates it.

Carney said Obama had ordered the Office of Management and Budget to work with White House lawyers to find a way to restart the benefits, and expects a fix on Wednesday.

“He was not pleased to learn of this problem,” Carney said, adding it was “unthinkable” that those who had lost family members would go without benefits.

Oh yeah, just like he was outraged to read about his targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS. Guess he just read about it in the papers today when anyone with a brain knows he’s behind every bit of this. Naturally, it’s the GOP’s fault.

At the White House, Carney said “none of this would be an issue if the government was open,” blaming the Republicans for the shutdown.

Sure, Baghdad Bob. So five minutes ago it was Republicans holding them hostage, but now Obama can simply wave his hand and the benefits are restored. Got it.

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