Potential jurors in Zumba case face probing questions

Posted by on Jan 29, 2013 at 8:38 am

“Do you have a domination fetish?”

“Have you dealt with this by hiring a prostitute?”

“Was this a wise investment for you, sir?”

Sadly for dozens of presumably upstanding Maine residents called for the jury pool in the so-called “Zumba” prostitution trial, these are the kind of sexual questions they may be asked.

Worse: A judge’s effort to keep the questioning private has been overturned by the state’s highest court.

Even worse: As early as this morning, potential jurors could be back on the stand in open court fielding questions about their attitudes toward prostitution.

For those who think government already probes too deeply into the personal life of its citizens, this would seem to be a probe too far.

As for a possible “domination fetish” inquiry — well, a list of domination fetishes was among the items taken from Zumba instructor and alleged prostitute Alexis Wright, 30, and her alleged accomplice Mark Strong, 57, reports Vanity Fair magazine — along with four bottles of baby oil, five cameras and four camcorders with which Strong allegedly filmed Wright’s unwitting customers in action.

Oh my.

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