Politico: Southern Democrats Have an ‘Obama Problem’

Posted by on May 29, 2013 at 8:07 am

It’s not just Southern Democrats, although the clear implication if those racist rednecks down south hate the black guy. The way things are shaping up for the Democrats and the scandal-drenched Obama, 2014 is shaping up to be a bloodbath nationwide. Not just Benghazi, the IRS and DoJ scandals, but just wait until the implosion of ObamaCare.

As Democrats try to keep their lock on the Senate next year, some of their most vulnerable incumbents have a problem with President Barack Obama: They can’t win with him, but they probably can’t win without him, either.

The party desperately needs African-American voters to vote in numbers approaching last year’s turnout. Embracing Obama and his divisive health care law would no doubt help — the legislation is popular with the Democratic base, particularly among minorities.

Translation: Expect the race card to be played all the time. Not that it’s any different from any other election cycle. But heck, we’re over 19 months out from the midterms and it’s already begun.

But get too close to the president and Democrats on the 2014 ballot could alienate white swing voters who hold the key to the midterms, which inherently favor Republicans.

The problem is most acute for three Southern Democratic senators from states with large black populations that Obama lost in November: Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, North Carolina’s Kay Hagan and Arkansas’s Mark Pryor. Republicans need to pick up six seats to win the Senate, and the red-state Democrats, who all voted for Obamacare, top the GOP’s target list.

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