Politico ‘Reporters’ Swoon Over Obama: ‘His Smile Remains Dazzling’

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 at 9:45 am

These are male reporters, by the way, who are apparently still enthralled by The One. Nearly five years into his disastrous presidency and they’re still gushing like prepubescent girls.

Recent bad headlines have not diluted his enduring personal and political assets, and, so long as he occupies the White House, there is no other person with more power to set the national agenda.

In that spirit, here’s a roster of what’s still right with Obama:

No one will ever mistake Obama for warm and fuzzy. But when he tries even a bit, he can’t help being winning. His smile remains dazzling, even if he flashes it less often.

His adversaries are implacable, but a critical mass of Americans still like to feel better about themselves because they feel good about Obama, just as they did when they elected him twice. The public understands that the president’s biggest structural political problems are not of his making, and none of the setbacks of the second term have altered the fact that people basically like the guy.

This reads like a White House press release. Absolutely shameless.  For the record, less than half the country approves of him. But it’s never his fault:

Simply put, Obama’s positions on the issues are vastly more popular than the extreme views of his die-hard opponents in Congress and the right-wing echo chamber.


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