Pitiful: Five People in Iowa Have Allegedly Signed Up for ObamaCare

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 at 10:59 am

Actually, they’re not really sure if anyone has signed up, but hey, it’s not as bad as Hawaii. Via the Weekly Standard:

The “system doesn’t seem to be working for most who log-on,” says the local reporter. “We tried multiple times on Wednesday to see how long it would take to set up an account to try to shop the rates from the plans. Each time we logged in, within 5 minutes, the system was down.”

“Also today, the insurance division office in Des Moines told us, ‘We cannot say for sure if anyone has successfully signed up through the healthcare.gov website,” says a reporter.

“Tonight, one of the two exchange providers … said a total of 5 Iowans have obtained insurance.”

If and when they ever reach double digits Obama will be doing a touchdown dance.

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