‘Phony Scandal’ News: Benghazi Survivor Interviewed at Walter Reed

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 at 5:38 pm

More than ten months after the Benghazi terror attack we get a glimpse of one of the survivors. But it’s a phony scandal according to the empty suit in the White House so move along, nothing to see here.

One of the most severely wounded survivors of the Benghazi terror attack, Diplomatic Security agent David Ubben, risked his life to help save his fellow Americans, and is still being treated at Walter Reed medical center to this day, Fox News has learned.

Fox News is the first news organization to make direct contact with Ubben — who has had multiple surgeries at Walter Reed to save his right leg, which was badly wounded in the Sept. 11 attack.

Fox News has also learned new details about Ubben’s heroic actions on the night of the attack, including fighting alongside the former Navy SEALs who were later killed.

The Diplomatic Security agent, earlier in the night, helped recover the body of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, going back into the smoke and flames at the Benghazi consulate multiple times until he found Smith, whom he believed to be already dead from smoke inhalation.

Fox News is not publishing his photo in full, out of respect for Ubben’s request for privacy as he remains focused on his family and his recovery alongside America’s wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hearing of the details from Fox News, Sean Smith’s mother Pat said she hopes one day to meet Ubben in person.

“Thank you very much for what you’ve done,” Pat Smith said, her voice filled with gratitude but also anger. “Why couldn’t the government have done the same thing? I think (Ubben) is a hero. He absolutely is a hero along with the two Seals that got it. There’s no reason for all these people to die.”

Ubben also went back into the smoke-and-flame filled Benghazi consulate several times searching for Ambassador Chris Stevens, but could not find him.

Sources tell Fox News that during the second wave of the attack, Ubben was on the roof of the CIA annex — along with former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty — defending the compound. It was a harrowing scene as dozens of militants attempted to swarm the barriers.

In another sign the attacks were pre-meditated, three mortar rounds rained down on the compound. The first fell short of the annex, about 50 yards away, but the subsequent mortar rounds were direct hits.

Both Woods and Doherty were killed, with the mortar shredding Ubben’s right leg.

Fox News also spoke with Sean’s father, Ray Smith, who lives in Florida. Smith said he was estranged from his son, but the two had recently connected, and he had planned to travel overseas to see Sean, his wife and grandchildren.

Smith told Fox News he is relieved to know more about his son’s death, but he remains critical of the administration. Playing off former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony to Congress in January when she asked “what difference” do all the questions about the narrative of the attack make, Smith made posters that read: “What’s The Difference Sec Clinton??  My son is dead. That’s the difference;” and, “The Difference Sec. Clinton, This Is America. We Don’t Get Our Own Killed.”

Still not a word about Obama’s whereabouts that night, although we do know he jetted off to a Las Vegas fundraiser the next day in an expression of deep concern.

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2 Responses to “‘Phony Scandal’ News: Benghazi Survivor Interviewed at Walter Reed”

  1. MT Geoff on 26/26/13 at 10:49 am

    The question of whether Benghaze was a scandal doesn’t turn on whether it happened or the number of injured and killed. It turns on the question of whether the Administration acted appropriately to protect the mission before the attack, to rescue the personnel during the attack, and to candidly deal with the attack afterward.
    On those elements, it is certainly a scandal.
    I’ve been interested in the almost total lack of coverage for those injured in the attack and those who were involved but were brought out safely. When the hostages were brought out of Iran, they were front and center for months.
    Where’s the People magazine profile on these people?

  2. Doc on 26/26/13 at 8:50 pm

    I’ll tell you where Obama was, he was in bed sound asleep, resting for his campaigning trip to Las Vagas the next day. He needed his sleep so he could look good and appear CIC. He gave instructions not to disturb him.