Perils of Fox Derangement Syndrome: Black Zimmerman Juror Dismissed for Being Fox Viewer

Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 at 1:49 pm

So to recap today we’ve discovered that Trayvon Martin may have attacked George Zimmerman under the assumption he was gay and now we learn a prospective black juror was excused for daring to be a Fox News watcher. With all the ginned up outrage the past few days, there must be room for some more now, huh?

CAROL COSTELLO, HOST: So Mark, do Trayvon Martin’s parents you think, I mean, when they look at the jury makeup and they look at the decision that jury came to, do they say why didn’t we have an African-American on the jury? Why did we have six white women?

MARK NEJAME, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: And that’s what we were saying from the beginning. You know, sometimes I’ve been criticized by some who don’t understand that a legal opinion is very different than a personal, a social, or a philosophical opinion. When you look at the composition of Seminole County, it’s eleven percent African-American. And when you look at Sanford, it’s 30 percent African-American. So when you subtract Sanford from the overall Seminole County, you have, you know, a very, very small minority, specifically African-American representation within Seminole County. So when in fact you condense that down to a jury, the odds of getting an African-American on the jury are very slim when you’re in Seminole County.

COSTELLO: Although if I remember correctly one of the prosecutors struck a black, a potential black juror from the jury.

MICHAEL SKOLNICK, POLITICAL DIRECTOR TO RUSSELL SIMMONS, CO-PRESIDENT GLOBALGRIND.COM: Yeah, he was also, I was just, he was also a Fox News watcher. So that was, you know, problematic for the prosecution.

Stunning to discover those incompetent prosecutors also suffer from Fox Derangement Syndrome. Can the narrative surrounding this post-verdict storyline possibly implode any more today?

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  1. lyle on 16/16/13 at 4:10 pm

    Fox News: The gluon to the slimy left’s Unified Field Theory, Subatomic Composition.