Outrageous: IRS Spent $49 Million on 220 Employee Conferences Since 2010

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These are the people who feel they’re not obligated to answer questions from the American people who have been paying for this crap. The supreme arrogance of these people is inviting a huge backlash.

The Internal Revenue Service spent an estimated $49 million on at least 220 conferences for employees over a three-year span beginning in fiscal 2010, according to a forthcoming report that will prompt fresh scrutiny of the already embattled agency.

The findings come as the Obama administration is overhauling the agency after officials admitted that dozens of groups were inappropriately scrutinized as they sought tax-exempt status. The admission forced the resignation of the agency’s acting commissioner and has sparked criminal and congressional investigations.

IRS acting commissioner Daniel Werfel acknowledged the report in a statement late Friday, but he didn’t share the findings. He called the spending “an unfortunate vestige from a prior era” and said that the agency has significantly curtailed conference spending in recent years.

A prior era? It’s not like this took place in the 1970. This was over the past three years.

The report focuses especially on an August 2010 conference in Anaheim, Calif., for roughly 2,600 agency employees in the IRS’s small-business and self-employed division, a unit that assists small business owners with tax preparation.

The conference cost roughly $4.1 million and was paid for in part with about $3.2 million in unused funds from the IRS’s enforcement budget, a decision that didn’t violate IRS guidelines, according to aides briefed on the audit.

During the conference, employees watched two training videos starring division employees that cost at least $60,000 to produce, according to the audit’s estimates.

The first video is a parody of the Star Trek television and movie franchise and stars division employees discussing how they might identify and address allegations of tax fraud. Aides briefed on the audit said employees paid for uniforms they wear in the video, but the agency paid for the construction of an elaborate mock-up of the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

Well, in a way this is appropriate. These people “cling on” to our wallets and never let go.

“The outrage toward the IRS is only growing stronger,” Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. (R., La.), who requested details of the video, said in a statement Friday.

Indeed. Along with the media, the IRS may well be the most detested group of people in America. We beg the Democrats to continue defending to outlaw group all the way through the next election cycle. If you blood isn’t boiling already over Obama’s IRS scandal, sit through this:


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One Response to “Outrageous: IRS Spent $49 Million on 220 Employee Conferences Since 2010”

  1. it's those darn kids. on 2/02/13 at 11:26 am

    I didn’t think the line dancing was a big deal. Then I watched the video. The horror! they dance like one might expect an IRS agent to dance….badly.

    Realtors and members of your local DMV are probably ecstatic to learn IRS agents are now the most hated group.