O’s family (de)values

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 at 9:25 am

How’s the vacation going Mr. President?

You seem to have everything you could possibly need — an island full of trust-funded moonbats, a $7.6-million rented mansion, 70-or-so coatholders, plenty of billionaire Wall Street hedge fund managers to play golf with, a cocktail party in West Tisbury the other night hosted by an ex-NPR host — oh, how simply precious, NPR!

And surely you’ll be playing 18 holes any day now with Comcast/NBC chairman Brian Roberts — you can discuss what a wonderful job Rev. Al is doing on MSNBC, not to mention Comrade Chris.

But I’ve noticed two missing pieces of your fabulous vacation: Auntie Zeituni and Uncle Omar.

When are they coming down to the Vineyard to visit their famous nephew?

I mean, we all know what a great family man you are, and how deeply you feel that we all have to take care of one another. So Mr. President, why are your only two living relatives here in Massachusetts not joining you here in your one-percenter digs? This week is a chance for you to put your, or should I say our, money where your mouth is. You can reach out to the two people who represent so many Obama family values.

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