Of Course: Obama Signs Up for Cheap ‘Bronze’ ObamaCare Plan

Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 at 1:39 pm

He really is stingy with his own money.

President Obama has enrolled in the federal health-care insurance exchanges, selecting a bronze-tiered insurance plan on the D.C. marketplace, the White House announced Monday.

In advance of Monday’s key enrollment deadline, Obama signed up for coverage over the weekend during the start of his holiday vacation here in Hawaii in what a White House official described as a “symbolic” act to promote the Affordable Care Act, his signature legislative achievement.

So if he signed up over the weekend, how come his boss said he was signing up today?

The president’s health care will continue to be provided by the military, according to a statement distributed to reporters from a White House official who demanded anonymity.

Still, the White House official added, Obama “was pleased to participate in a plan as a show of support for these marketplaces which are providing quality, affordable health-care options to more than a million people.”

We find it difficult to believe there are no photos of President Selfie signing up.

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