Of Course: Mooch Takes Credit for ‘Cultural Shift’ in U.S. Eating Habits

Posted by on Sep 06, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Maybe while she’s at it she can take credit for kids being hungry because their parents can’t find a job or for kids hating the crap she’s foisting on them. The audacity of this woman, who shovels cheeseburgers down her piehole with abandon, who dines on the finest meals anyone on the planet can enjoy, she has the gall to think she’s so wonderful that she alone can alter eating habits.

It’s revolting.

Michelle Obama credited her anti-obesity program with bringing about a “cultural shift” in the way Americans eat.

Make no mistake about it. We are changing the conversation in this country. We are creating a cultural shift on how we live and eat. And our efforts are having an impact on our children’s lives.”

Indeed, they’re hungrier than ever and think your food tastes like vomit.

Obama said when she first began her signature initiative, she couldn’t imagine a time when fast-food commercials advertised for breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites. And she praised restaurants like Red Lobster and Olive Garden for offering healthy choices.

That’s nonsense.  Food chains and restaurants long ago had the crazy idea that they should offer a broader selection to appeal to a more diverse audience. It’s called competition. But this arrogant, narcissistic buffoon actually thinks she’s making a difference. Apparently, as with her husband, there isn’t any adult supervision around to keep their egos in check.

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