Of Course: Evil Clown Ezekiel Emanuel Blames Fox News for ObamaCare Disaster

Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 at 7:32 am

On the day when it became clear to America what an epic clusterf-ck ObamaCare is based on the paltry number of enrollees, Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ezekiel figured it was a good idea to come on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and act as belligerent as possible.

Not for a moment is there the slightest bit of contrition or remorse from these people for shamelessly lying to the American people. Instead he decided to come on and be as smug and condescending as possible.

All we can ask of Team Obama is to keep sending this maniac out to defend this mess.

Emanuel admitted the numbers are disappointing, but was optimistic about them improving in the coming months. When Kelly said five million plans have been cancelled, Emuanel shot back, “that’s not a reliable number” and “only on Fox is it five million.” They fought over the numbers, and Emanuel argued insurance companies have been canceling plans for years.

So Kelly wanted to know if the White House knew about mass cancellations in the wake of Obamacare, and kept hammering Emanuel when he did not give a straight answer, shouting at one point, “Sir, you’re not answering!”

Emanuel did acknowledge he thought a CEO with insurance market experience should have run the program, which the White House ended up not doing. He took a shot at Fox News for its almost non-stop criticisms of the law. Kelly responded, “I don’t think Fox News had anything to do with the rollout of Healthcare.gov.” Emanuel shot back, “You were constantly attacking the law and trying to under-fund it!”

To her credit Kelly kept her cool, even dialing it back at one point as if she were talking to a child throwing a temper tantrum, which was fitting.

What a douchebag this Emanuel is.

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8 Responses to “Of Course: Evil Clown Ezekiel Emanuel Blames Fox News for ObamaCare Disaster”

  1. Barack Hussein Obama on 14/14/13 at 9:15 am

    We’re ADULTS. We’re from the Government and we’re here to help. We would never lie to you. It was, uh… you know – an uhhh… “Incorrect Premise”. Yes, that’s the ticket!

  2. CharlieBrown'sDildo on 14/14/13 at 9:31 am

    “What a douchebag this Emanuel is.”

    Apparently his brother is worse…..

  3. exliberal on 14/14/13 at 10:47 am

    Emmanuel has had more exposure on Fox than anywhere else. That tool ought to be thanking them for giving him his 15 minutes of fame. Such as it is.

  4. apb on 14/14/13 at 11:09 am

    LOL – How very Goebbels-esque to try to blame the sole media outlet not completely packed with Obamatards for his failure. Tiny Dancer’s brother is an absolute mental case.

  5. jukin on 14/14/13 at 11:17 am

    Obama cACA HellCare website estimated to cost $90 million. A huge sum for a website.

    Obama cACA HellCare website on roll out estimated to cost $650 million.

    Obama cACA HellCare WORKING website estimated to cost $1,200 million.

    Where did this fiasco get underfunded?

    Ezekiel Emanuel should be on a pike.