Of Course: 26% of Obama Supporters View Tea Party as Nation’s Top Terror Threat

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 at 8:46 am

Democrats have spent the better part of four years calling tea partiers terrorists, so why is this any surprise?

Half of all voters consider radical Muslims the bigger terrorist threat facing the nation, but supporters of President Obama consider the Tea Party to be as big a danger. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters consider radical Muslims to be the bigger threat to the United States today. Thirteen percent (13%) view the Tea Party that way, and another 13% consider other political and religious extremists to be the larger danger. Six percent (6%) point to local militia groups. Two percent (2%) see the Occupy Wall Street movement as the bigger terrorist threat.

Wonder where they could have gotten this crazy idea?

Vice President Joe Biden yesterday condemned Tea Party Republicans for “acting like terrorists” during the debt fight, sources said.

Biden made the shocking statement during a closed-door meeting with House Democrats to try and whip up support for the debt-limit deal, according to the sources.

The vice president was reacting to an irate Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), who said Democrats “have negotiated with terrorists,” Politico.com reported.

This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money,” Doyle added.

Biden agreed, saying, “They have acted like terrorists,” the report said.

Remember when that lefty nutcase flew a plane into the Austin IRS building? Yup, tea party terrorist. How about this from the Politico in 2011?

It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House “hostage takers.” But they have now become full-blown terrorists.

Repeat the big lie enough and people start believing it.

11 Responses to “Of Course: 26% of Obama Supporters View Tea Party as Nation’s Top Terror Threat”

  1. tps on 27/27/13 at 9:29 am

    None of this is a surprise. So now as a successful businessman, tax payer, believer in our remarkable rule of law (ala the Constitution–what a quaint notion now), etc., a swath of the electorate sees me as a threat and a terrorist danger.

    This is why there is virtually no hope left for the freedom loving country I grew up in. We are slipping away quickly, and if they are still writing history books a century from now, Obama’s election and reelection will be seen as one of Mr. Churchill’s “hinges of history.”

  2. tbradshaw on 27/27/13 at 9:36 am

    A little biased media, a constant stream of terrorist references and a large population of uninformed voters and…BOOM…we have a narrative, people!

  3. dear leader on 27/27/13 at 10:29 am

    Now that this is working, you people need to get back to practicing that ‘new civility’.

  4. Diggs on 27/27/13 at 12:01 pm

    I thank God every day that this group is the same group demanding that Obama and the Democrats pass laws to keep weapons out of their hands.

  5. Mean Granny on 27/27/13 at 2:32 pm

    I’m a 59-year-old grandmother who is tired of being demonized by the idiots running (ruining) my country. I’m a “terrorist” because I believe in the Second Amendment? I’m a “terrorist” because I want my government to spend my tax money responsibly? REALLY? All I can say is there are a LOT of very STUPID people in this country. God help us all.

  6. Matt on 27/27/13 at 3:18 pm

    Well the problem is there’s never been ANY pushback from conservative leaders against this kind of slander. Similar to how conservative leaders won’t just call Obama a liar, conservative pols seem to just think this kind of misinformation won’t stick. They should learn to get off their asses and attack back at those idiots like Biden, who are purposely trying to demonize conservatives. of course, the converse of that is maybe the establishment republicans are quite ok with the tea party being demonized.

  7. JoyO on 27/27/13 at 6:43 pm

    And they tried to make the Occupy Wall Street folks out to be heroes. But, fortunately people kept posting videos and photographs on the internet that made the lies obvious to all.

    The Republicans should have come to the Tea Party’s defense but I think they were also afraid of the Tea Party.

  8. richard40 on 27/27/13 at 6:51 pm

    Well lets see, Islamicist Jihadist terrorism accounts for over 90%, the small remainder comes from leftist anarchists, like those OWS guys that got caught planning to blow up a bridge, or the ones that constantly riot at economic conferences. To date their has never been any violent incident ever associated with any tea party rally, no tea partier has ever ben involved in any terrorist incident or mass shooting. But these morons identify the tea party as the number one terrorists threat. Just goes to show that if liars like Obama/
    Biden, etc, call the completely innocent tea party terrorists enough times, some fools out there will beleive them, despite zero evidence. And even worse, these credulous morons vote.

  9. teapartydoc on 28/28/13 at 8:14 am

    The terror won’t come from us, but from the groups the libs have been pandering to when the money runs out and runs away, as it did in France in 1789. The major misunderstanding that conservatives have about the French Revolution is that it was a radical and leftist revolution against conservative powers, it was nothing of the sort. The Estates General initiated the resistance to the crown and the oppressive centralized government it had established over the prior one hundred years. The people involved in this were basically Tea Party folk. Many of them ended up leaving the country later. Those who stayed were the ones who attempted to bring order after the Terror. The Terror itself was committed by the peasants and proletariat, who were to have been the chief beneficiaries of the reforms of the Estates General, and whose hopes had been crushed by the King, the Nobility, and the Clergy. Just who do you think our King, Nobility and Clergy are?

  10. FX Phillips on 28/28/13 at 8:42 am

    Funny, the largest verified terror organization in the United States happens to be the IRS followed closely by NSA and DHS.