Obama’s Census Unemployment Scam Apparently Pre-Dates 2012 Campaign

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Imagine our surprise this man has been manipulating unemployment numbers. How else can he go around claiming how wonderful things are when there are over 90 million people out of work.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been writing about the fabrication of the unemployment rate derived from the Current Population Survey — also known as the Household Survey — that the Census Bureau conducts on behalf of the Labor Department.

Back in 2010, I wrote a number columns questioning the other survey put out each month by the Labor Department. It’s called the Establishment Survey because it queries businesses about job creation. This is the survey which decided, for instance, that there were 204,000 jobs created last month.

The Labor Department conducts the Establishment Survey itself, which, in my opinion, makes it much more reputable. But the Census Bureau had a trick up its sleeve in 2010 that I believe was affecting the Labor Department’s Establishment Survey. (My gripes with this survey have always been about statistical tricks, like the so-called birth/death model, and not outright deception.)

The decennial census was being conducted from 2008 to 2010, and a lot of part-time workers were needed to knock on doors to get information. What Census appeared to be doing was hiring people for very short periods of time, then letting them go only to rehire them.

This churning seemed odd and not very efficient because these census takers were required to go through a relatively long training period whenever they came back to work.

But each “hiring” showed up as a created job. What’s more, that census taker who was let go, even if she was soon to be rehired, didn’t qualify for unemployment insurance and never showed up as someone who’d lost her job.

Quite sneaky. But of course you were called a delusional wingnut if you questioned such chicanery. Here’s how it went, accoridng to Crudele:

Here’s something from one of the many field managers for the 2010 census: “As a former manager in the decennial census, I witnessed operations that strongly suggested the Census Bureau manipulated nationwide hiring of tens of thousands of temporary workers to manipulate employment data in 2008 and 2009,” Ron Brochu wrote me in an email.

“Operations that were to include 200 area workers for six weeks suddenly became ones in which 1,200 workers were to complete the work in 10 days. This was just for northern Minnesota,” Brochu wrote. “Multiply that by the entire nation … and it can tip the scales.

“The entire organization was a rat’s nest run by political order-takers who often bent rules,” he told me when I spoke to him Wednesday.

Complaints ranged from veterans not getting the job preference they were promised to training material being substandard and conflicting,

And because workers were subject to very serious fines if they spoke out in public, few did.

And these people have the chutzpah to run around urging companies to hire vets when they themselves gave preference to political operatives. Shameful.

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