Obama’s Billionaire Buddy Turned Down France Ambassador Gig Due to Russian Mob Ties

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Who cares how shady Obama’s billionaire pals are so long as they pony up the campaign cash. Based on these records, this Marc Lasry fellow sure stuffed Democrat coffers with hundreds of thousands of dollars the past several years. But he apparently forgot to tell Bammy about those Russian mob ties. Oops.

The Manhattan billionaire President Obama wanted to appoint ambassador to France turned down the prestigious position over ties to an alleged Russian mob-run poker ring that was laundered through a Carlyle hotel art gallery, sources told The Post.

Marc Lasry, who runs the $12 billion investment firm Avenue Capital in Midtown, withdrew on Tuesday because of his close friendship with Illya Trincher, 27, who was busted last week with 30 others, including Trincher’s pro-poker-playing father, Vadim, and brother Eugene.

The feds last week accused Illya Trincher of running the New York arm of the $100 million betting and money-laundering racket with world-renowned Manhattan art dealer Hillel “Helly” Nahmad.

“Marc Lasry is a big-time gambler, in golf and poker,” a source told The Post. “He’s a ‘master of the universe’ type, and he was friends with the kid Trincher.”

Lasry, 53, turned down the post only days after the White House asked the FBI to probe whether he was tied to anyone involved in the criminal enterprise, sources said.

His name surfaced in FBI tapes probing the matter as a person who likes to play in exclusive high-stakes poker games, sources said.

Because ambassadorships require Senate approval — normally a pro-forma step — Lasry faced the prospect of being grilled about the ring.

“It’s not that he committed a crime, but it opens a can of worms,” a source said.

In mid-March, Bill Clinton, a close friend of Lasry, said at a fund-raiser that Lasry was Obama’s pick for the ambassadorship. Once a big Clinton donor, Lasry was one of the few Wall Street honchos to stick by the Democrats in 2012, raising nearly $1 million for Obama’s re-election campaign.

Naturally the Obama stooges dummied up where asked about Lasry.

The White House had no immediate comment on the Lasry gambling allegations.

Every day we gets emails from the Democrats screeching about “millionaires and billionaires,” but strangely they never mention the ones who bankroll them.

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