Obama’s America: Yellowstone Visitors Detained at Gunpoint

Posted by on Oct 08, 2013 at 10:47 am

We think Obama’s getting just a little carried away with his government shutdown.

Pat Vaillancourt went on a trip last week that was intended to showcase some of America’s greatest treasures.

Instead, the Salisbury resident said she and others on her tour bus witnessed an ugly spectacle that made her embarrassed, angry and heartbroken for her country.

Vaillancourt was one of thousands of people who found themselves in a national park as the federal government shutdown went into effect on Oct. 1. For many hours her tour group, which included senior citizen visitors from Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States, were locked in a Yellowstone National Park hotel under armed guard.

The tourists were treated harshly by armed park employees, she said, so much so that some of the foreign tourists with limited English skills thought they were under arrest.

When finally allowed to leave, the bus was not allowed to halt at all along the 2.5-hour trip out of the park, not even to stop at private bathrooms that were open along the route.

“We’ve become a country of fear, guns and control,” said Vaillancourt, who grew up in Lawrence. “It was like they brought out the armed forces. Nobody was saying, ‘we’re sorry,’ it was all like — ” as she clenched her fist and banged it against her forearm.

Obama’s Gestapo tactics caught non-Americans off guard.

“They looked like Hulk Hogans, armed. They told us you can’t go outside,” she said. “Some of the Asians who were on the tour said, ‘Oh my God, are we under arrest?’ They felt like they were criminals.”
In Obama’s America we are all criminals now.

Many of the foreign visitors were shocked and dismayed by what had happened and how they were treated, Vaillancourt said.

“A lot of people who were foreign said they wouldn’t come back (to America),” she said.

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6 Responses to “Obama’s America: Yellowstone Visitors Detained at Gunpoint”

  1. Mudbug Mama on 8/08/13 at 11:03 am

    they should have said they were undocumented workers, then the O-stopo would have left them alone

  2. gadem on 8/08/13 at 12:36 pm

    All this is terrible. But what bothers me most is the willingness of those rangers or guards to treat citizens so brutally. I used to hear of military people in foreign countries coming back and killing people they used to be neighbors with and I wondered how anyone could do that. Now we’re doing that. What have we become?

  3. lyle on 8/08/13 at 1:10 pm

    What have we become?

    “We”? I don’t think “we” have become anything. The government, on the other hand, has become a Leviathan run by unionized thugs who monolithically vote democrat to keep their outsized pay and benefits packages chuggin’ along.

  4. bogo on 8/08/13 at 1:10 pm

    @gadam – “We” have not become anything. “Scumbags” who gravitate toward controlling others have just been freed by their lord Obama to show their true colors.

    They’re hateful, sour, evil people. They are the people hired by the Administrative branch (taken over by like-minded anti-social demons) for gun-toting, order-barking positions in HHS, DHS, Park Service, FEMA, NIH, USDA, DEA, FDA, TSA, EPA, et al.

    They are there to try to acclimate the general public to accepting being occupied by police-state gestapo. They are attempting to takeover our country. Wake up, look around, read. This stuff is going on all over the country. If you haven’t seen it yet, either you’ve been sitting in your couch at home, watching MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or even FOX; or they haven’t yet arrived in your immediate venue, but they’re coming soon.

    What needs to happen is everyone needs to talk with local and state authorities and organize Fed-pushback forces so that when they try these things, a response team arrives and puts them in their place.

    Then we need to march armed on DC by the millions, and tell our Federal so-called “representatives” in all three branches that they NEED to do what the paying majority wants!

    Spend a week Googling (or “DuckDuckGo”-ing) just about any oppressive act combined with one of the Feds’ alphabet bureaus, and read what they’ve already done. Then wake up, and wake all your friends and neighbors. Do it soon, before it’s too late!

  5. STW on 8/08/13 at 2:51 pm

    I think the NPS is going to learn the law of unintended consequences in ways they can’t even imagine.