Obama’s America: Pro-Lifers Pepper-Sprayed Outside Abortion Clinic

Posted by on Jan 24, 2013 at 8:03 am

How dare these wingnuts exercise their right to protest? If we’ve learned anything from the media and the left (redundant, we know) these past few years it’s only the crackpot left that’s allowed to protest. The rest of you need to shut up.

Peaceful protesters who are part of a national movement pursuing broad political, cultural, and social change were pepper-sprayed by a security guard. No, this story has nothing to do with Occupy Wall Street. Instead, itinvolves three pro-life Mississippians who were apparently pepper-sprayed by a security guard at an abortion clinic.

“This morning pro-lifers were singing and praying in front of Mississippi’s lone remaining abortion clinic when a security guard pepper-sprayed three of them in the face,” Life Site News says. “The aggressor was Roy Benjamin, a private, armed security guard who works for Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in Jackson.”

From the video, it doesn’t appear that the pro-lifers did anything physical to provoke the pepper-spraying. Life Site speculates that the guard was angry because one of the protesters covered a sprinkler that the clinic had trained on “the public sidewalk to spray pro-lifers.”

Remember all the hubbub when some Occupy clowns were pepper-sprayed? We never heard the end of it. This? Don’t expect any media outrage. They’re probably too busy laughing.

4 Responses to “Obama’s America: Pro-Lifers Pepper-Sprayed Outside Abortion Clinic”

  1. Greg Griffith on 24/24/13 at 10:59 am

    I’m as pro-life as anybody (see my website at http://standfirminfaith.com), but let me tell you about these clowns. This clinic is in Mississippi – the only one left in the state – and is 3 minutes from my house.

    The guy running the show is Roy McMillin. They are the Westboro Baptist of abortion demonstrators.

    Last fall they showed up at my daughter’s school (Jackson Prep) during morning carpool, blocked the parking lot exits with their vans covered in bloody aborted fetus photos, and had the same kinds of photos on large protest signs, which they shoved up against the windows of my wife’s car, with my 11-yr-old daughter in the back seat.

    When they were told they needed to leave, that the school is about the strongest pro-life school in town and all they’re doing is terrorizing the children, they screamed about how they had a right to protest there since the school receives federal funds. It does not – it’s completely private. The cops had to be called and it had to be explained to them repeatedly that they were on private property.

    Years ago they were good at bringing attention to the horrors of abortion. Now they’re off the deep end, and doing the pro-life cause more harm than good.

    On purely technical grounds they may not have deserved to be maced for this particular incident, but as a deeply committed anti-abortion Christian myself, I think they deserve to be maced just on general principle.

  2. The Sockiest on 24/24/13 at 12:21 pm

    Greg Griffith on 24/24/13 at 10:59 am

    Thank you for the context, I think this is very important for understanding the story.