Obama’s America: ‘Freedom’ License Plate Banned in DC

Posted by on Mar 05, 2013 at 10:14 am

To be fair, a license plate reading ‘Obama” is also banned. If only he were. It’s quite an exhaustive list.

According to the official list of banned D.C. plate combinations, it may take some extra creativity to get your idea accepted by the city’s meticulous censors. The capital city’s DMV has a 53-page list of 26,993 license plate no-no’s that prohibit everything from praising the local baseball team to expressing disgust with the Internal Revenue Service. The list was made available through a Freedom of Information Request filed by the transparency website GovernmentAttic.org.

Are you a liberal who wants to stick it to the Republican Party? Too bad, “GOPSUX” isn’t an option.

Sorry, Nancy Pelosi, no “GODEMS” for you.

Too bad libertarians, “RONPAUL, “”GVTSUX,” and ANTIIRS” aren’t allowed.


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