ObamaCare Event in Virginia Draws Overflow Crowd of … One Person

Posted by on Aug 05, 2013 at 9:33 am

No stopping that ObamaCare momentum now.

That means gatherings like today’s in Centreville — although the slow start here is probably not what OFA organizers had in mind. After a scheduling snafu over the start time, a few people showed up and left before it actually started. Just one volunteer stayed to help work the phone bank for the health law, and the event’s organizer bolted after 20 minutes — although he was bound for another Obamacare event, a house party.

The poor turnout here in Centreville wasn’t necessarily indicative of what’s happening across the country at other OFA events Sunday afternoon and evening, which coincide with President Barack Obama’s birthday. OFA sent out pictures of bigger and more enthusiastic turnout elsewhere, including some events in places like Ohio, Florida and Missouri where volunteer enthusiasm will be needed to overcome state government resistance to implementation. Most of the events were intentionally small-scale — house parties, leafleting near a beach or a farmer’s market, not big rallies.

So, um, how did those house parties fare? Well, there are two people at this blockbuster event. More on these pathetic gatherings here.
Update: By the way, the sneaky folks at Politico changed the title of the article at the link.

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