Obama to Scrape By With ‘Skeletal Staff’ of Only 129 Minions

Posted by on Oct 01, 2013 at 8:38 am

Reportedly it would have been 130 but his ball-washer was furloughed until Saturday when he returns to playing golf. Besides, most of the media is happy to wash and buff his balls.

The contingency planning offers an intriguing view of what it takes to keep the White House running — even minimally. Fifteen staff members would remain on duty to maintain the president’s official residence, the letter said. The vice president’s residence gets by with just one, and the vice president’s office would keep 12 staff members on the job.

The plan makes clear that the president’s top aides and advisors would be on hand throughout a shutdown, presumably to try to end it. A total of 129 people are required to support “the president in the discharge of his constitutional duties including staff required to work with the Congress in the enactment of appropriations,” the letter says. Some of those are political appointees entitled to compensation regardless of whether Congress has authorized the money.

Poor Biden. Only 12 people around to help keep his foot out of his mouth?

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