Obama ‘Support Group’ Off to Sluggish Start: ‘The Money Isn’t There’

Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 at 8:04 am

At first glimpse when you see the words “Obama” and “support group” one thinks of some therapeutic outfit that helps recovering Obamabots overcome the lack of Hopenchange in their empty lives.

As it turns out it appears his endless campaign has hit a snag.

Two months after Organizing for Action was founded to bolster President Obama’s agenda, his poll numbers are slipping and the group remains on the defensive.

A link between Obama’s declining approval numbers and the group’s struggles is tenuous at best, yet questions about how effective the group can be in cajoling Congress to work with Obama were swirling this week at a summit meant to showcase OFA.

Watchdog groups have accused OFA of selling access to the White House, while traditional allies like the Democratic National Committee and congressional campaign committees have expressed concern the organization could siphon away important fundraising dollars.

Top campaign donors have been slow to rally around the group. A top Obama donor acknowledged Thursday that OFA has “hit some bumps” at the start and “the money isn’t there.””It’s definitely had some turbulence in terms of process,” said one former senior administration official. “Has it had the best process start? Probably not. Mostly because I think it’s set up against a bunch of negatives and people saying, ‘You’re never going to raise enough money.’ Anytime you do something new, there are going to be some potholes in the road.”

Obama acknowledged the problems in a Wednesday address at the “founders summit” intended as a celebratory launch for around 75 top donors and volunteers.

He said OFA “has been viewed with some suspicion and people have been puzzled about what it is we’re trying to do.”

It should be viewed with suspicion. Because he and his cronies are very suspicious people. If people are “puzzled” that’s only because you were somehow re-elected and perhaps they expect you to govern instead of campaigning nonstop.

3 Responses to “Obama ‘Support Group’ Off to Sluggish Start: ‘The Money Isn’t There’”

  1. stop rifling through my pockets on 15/15/13 at 5:41 pm

    The money isn’t there. That is because taxes and fees took it all.

  2. Vic Kelley on 15/15/13 at 9:39 pm

    Doesn’t obama still have money from his 2012 re-election campaign? Why doesn’t he just give that money to these devoted fools? I understand it would be illegal but so what with eric “fubu” holder in office it’s not like obama would face any negative consequences.