Obama Shutdown, Day 3: Time to Scare Granny

Posted by on Oct 03, 2013 at 12:37 pm

We fully expect for tomorrow’s speech he’s just going to warn us all that we’ll die by Saturday. This is just so tedious and pathetic. Anyone with the upper hand wouldn’t be so hysterical already.

“GOP strategists like Karl Rove surely know that it’s just a matter of time before President Obama throws a game-changer — warning senior citizens that their Social Security checks won’t be mailed because of John Boehner,” Valliere wrote in a note to clients.

A few hours later, Obama did just that during a speech at M. Luis Construction Company in Rockville, Md. He spent much of the speech warning that while the ongoing government shutdown was damaging, failure to raise the debt ceiling by an Oct. 17 deadline would be even worse.

“In a government shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time. In an economic shutdown — if we don’t raise the debt ceiling — they don’t go out on time,” Obama said. “In a government shutdown, disability benefits still arrive on time. In an economic shutdown, they don’t.”

Earlier on Thursday, the Treasury Department warned in a big report that breaching the debt ceiling could inflict economic calamity “more severe than any seen since the Great Depression.” 

Pathetic. Meanwhile, he’s become totally incoherent.

Why is he shouting?


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