Obama Looks to Regain Footing on His Failed Economy By Speaking to Students Without Jobs

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 at 6:59 am

The president who hasn’t been seen in public since his lavish vacation ended is back to doing what he does best: Campaigning and talking about nothing. For some mysterious reason he’s decide to ride a bus around to some upstate New York colleges along with a stop in Scranton, PA, over the next two days, as he looks to boost his economic message, whatever that is today.

President Obama begins a two-day college bus tour Thursday hoping to rally support for economic policies that have failed to gain traction with the GOP Congress or voters.

Obama will visit four college towns in an effort to win over young voters who polls suggest have soured on the president.

He’ll travel to state universities in the New York college towns of Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton, where he’ll host a town hall discussion.

Vice President Biden will join Obama at the fourth stop of the tour on Friday in Scranton, Pa., Biden’s hometown.The tour comes as polls show support for Obama on the economy dropping.

A Gallup poll released one week ago found the president’s approval rating on the economy slumping to just 35 percent.

Somehow we doubt touring a depressed upstate New York reeling from failed liberal policies is going to resonate with anyone, but hey, he’ll do anything to distract folks from his massive amount of scandals and foreign policy disasters. Oddly, one of his spokesthings says his talking about his abysmal economy is sure to help, or something.

Democratic strategist Tad Devine says the president is “smart to keep talking about the economy,” even if he’s struggled to corral momentum behind his proposals.

Talk, talk, talk is all he does. Where are the results?

“But consistently coming back to the economy and talking about it with mind-numbing repetition, over the long arc of many months and as long as the economy continues to come forward, is going to resonate,” he said.

Mind-numbing repetition. Exactly. But zero results.

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