Obama in February: Sequester Will Weaken ‘Military Readiness’

Posted by on Sep 03, 2013 at 3:41 pm

This was before he was humiliated on the world stage by Bashar Assad. Now we must salvage Obama’s ego.

“The sequester will weaken America’s economic recovery,” Obama told thousands of workers who gathered on the concrete floor of a cavernous building at Newport News Shipbuilding. “It will weaken our military readiness. And it will weaken the basic services that the American people depend on every single day.”

And the middle class.

In his remarks to ship builders, Obama disputed the Republican notion that he has “flexibility” in deciding what to cut.

The sequester requires cuts of $85 billion over seven months, and “there’s no smart way to do that,” Obama said. He added that it basically boils down to deciding on whether to “close funding for the disabled kid, or the poor kid,” or between “this Navy shipyard or some other one.”

Now with Obama’s Rush to War, none of his newly-minted warmongering buddies in the media are asking how much this folly will cost.

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One Response to “Obama in February: Sequester Will Weaken ‘Military Readiness’”

  1. Tuerqas on 3/03/13 at 4:43 pm

    That is just funny. It was all fun and games to vote against ‘Bush’s’ war back in the old days, but now that he is in the economic driver’s seat and he now sees that wars have cured more economic problems throughout history than any other plan, now he is ‘responsibly’ going to war. That isn’t all that surprising really. The kicker is that he can keep a straight face while saying quantitative easing will hurt ‘the recovery’ and military readiness.