Obama Honors JFK By Noting His Signing of the Equal Pay Act

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Fifty years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy by leftwinger Lee Harvey Oswald, the current occupant of the White House remembers him for the Equal Pay Act. What a shame his White House fails to pay women as much as the men.

President Obama ordered government buildings to fly the American flag at half-staff to commemorate the 50th anniversary of former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Obama signed a presidential proclamation making Friday a day of remembrance for the 25th president.

Actually, JFK was the 35th POTUS, but hey, why get bogged down with the details?

“With broad vision and soaring but sober idealism, President John F. Kennedy had called a generation to service and summoned a Nation to greatness. Today, we honor his memory and celebrate his enduring imprint on American history,” Obama wrote in the proclamation.

Obama highlighted Kennedy’s leadership through the Cuban missile crisis, his speech in Berlin, his signing of the Equal Pay Act and his work on civil rights.

Obama is slated to hold a video-conference with Peace Corp volunteers from Tanzania on Friday morning — a program Kennedy established during his time in office.

“Today and in the decades to come, let us carry his legacy forward,” Obama said.

Is there anyone alive who recalls Kennedy for the Equal Pay Act? And does he really want to go there?

President Barack Obama marked the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy-era Equal Pay Act on Monday with an energetic celebration, but women in his administration continue to earn significantly less than men.

An analysis of his administration’s 2012 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff shows that the median wage for female professionals in the Executive Office of the President was $9,000 less last year than for their male counterparts.

Congress passed the law in 1963. ‘The day that the bill was signed into law,’ Obama said, ‘women earned 59 cents for every dollar a man earned on average. Today it’s about 77 cents.’

Nothing like marking the anniversary of JFK’s death by making a campaign pitch. Classy.

The Daily Caller reported in January that the median 2012 salary for female White House employees was $62,000. For men, it was $71,000.

That wage gap narrowed slightly from a $11,000 difference in 2011.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment about whether its gender pay gap opens up the president to fair criticism and complaints of hypocrisy.

His administration is not expected to disclose the White House staff’s 2013 salary numbers until after the end of the year.

Obama’s pay policies may less reflect bias than a lack of females in senior positions. The White House’s disclosures paint a picture of a top echelon with a firmly planted glass ceiling.

Of the 20 White House staffers earning the top salary of $172,200 in 2012, just six were women.

And the president’s cabinet, made up of 15 high-level officials, includes just three women.

War on Women!

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  1. DMO on 22/22/13 at 11:45 am

    WHAT?!? The Holiest 0Bama DIDN’T make this all about him, for a change?

    Alert the Democrat Media!