Obama Hits New Low in CNN Poll

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 at 5:40 pm

I don’t watch CNN, but I imagine Wolf Blitzer must be wetting himself like when Bush fell below 40%. Aw, who am I kidding? Reid and Obama’s filibuster stunt today was designed to obscure the fact Obama’s a total failure. We can’t wait for the next NBC poll to drop so the drooling morons at MSNBC can self-immolate on live television.

As President Barack Obama’s approval rating hits another all-time low, a new national survey also indicates that Americans say the President has less power than congressional Republicans when it comes to shaping events over the next year.

According to a CNN/ORC poll released Thursday, 41% of Americans approve of the job the President’s doing in the White House, the lowest level for that crucial indicator in CNN polling. Fifty-six percent questioned say they disapprove of Obama’s performance, an all-time high in CNN surveys.

The President’s approval rating has now reached new lows or tied his all-time lows in polls released over the past three weeks from CNN/ORC, CBS News, ABC News/Washington Post, Quinnipiac University, National Journal Heartland Monitor, and NBC News/Wall Street Journal. And the CNN survey is the fourth non-partisan live operator national poll released this week to put Obama’s approval rating between 40% and 42%. A CBS News survey released Wednesday showed the President’s approval rating at 37%.

Remarkably this disastrous plunge in recent weeks isn’t attributed to ObamaCare. Yes, really.

The President’s overall job approval rating is down three points since mid-October after being stuck in the mid-40s for several months in CNN polling. But it’s worth noting that Obama’s woes did not begin with the disastrous launch of the HealthCare.gov website in October, Holland pointed out.

“The real damage came in June, when reports about NSA spying and IRS treatment of conservative groups caused an eight-point drop in his approval rating – a far more significant change than what the numbers from October suggest,” he said.

Because the IRS scandal garnered wall-to-wall coverage, right? Who the hell are they kidding?  Oh, and check out this ridiculous poll sample, for what it’s worth. Can’t ever recall seeing a breakdown of 23 R-31 D-46 I.

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