Obama Admits ObamaCare Is Not a ‘Smart Political Thing’ But Whines About ‘Toxic Political Environment’

Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 at 6:47 am

So he admits he’s not so smart, huh? What a dolt. Too late now, pal. You built that.

President Obama admits in a handwritten letter to a Texas schoolteacher that ObamaCare is not the “smart political thing” and that he is bogged down by a “toxic political environment.”

Thomas J. Ritter wrote to the president ­expressing his dismay over the Affordable Health Care Act, and was surprised to get a response penned by Obama on official White House ­stationery.

Ritter, a fifth-grade teacher at Sally B. Elliott ­Elementary in Irving, Texas, had written to the president: “This bill has caused such a ­divisive, derisive and toxic environment . . . The reality is that any citizen that disagrees with your ­administration is targeted and ridiculed.”

Ritter continued: “I hesitated to write for fear of some kind of retribution . . . I watched you make fun of tea baggers and your press secretary make fun of Ms. [Sarah] Palin which was especially beneath the dignity of the White House . . . Do the right thing not the political thing. Suggest a bill that Americans can support.”

Obama responded: “I . . . appreciate your concern about the toxic political environment right now. I do have to challenge you, though, on the notion that any citizen that disagrees with me has been ‘targeted and ridiculed’ or that I have ‘made fun’ of tea baggers . . . [I] defend strongly the right of everyone to speak their mind — ­including those who call me ‘socialist’ or worse.

Naturally, he’s the victim, not his actual victims. Time to put the big boy pants on, dude. Oh, and as for your claim about tea baggers?

In a new book by Jonathan Alter, The Promise: President Obama, Year One, Mr. Obama is quoted as saying that House Republicans’ unanimous vote against the stimulus package “helped to create the tea-baggers and empowered that whole wing of the Republican Party to where it now controls the agenda for the Republicans.”

So again, he lies. Further, it’s without dispute he’s targeted tea partiers using the IRS. Speaking of which, rather than cop to that, he’s now trying to cover up that crime by going after other tax exempt groups, a not-so-clever attempt at going after those protected by Citizens United. What part of “it’s the law” does he not understand?

Here’s the letter, in case he later claims to not have written it.

President Obama's response

Ritter is auctioning it off and said:

“I am selling the letter because I am just so disappointed, and this ObamaCare bill is wrong. The president told me what he thought I wanted to hear. The letter is just words on a paper. It doesn’t mean anything to me because Obama doesn’t mean any of it.”

He should expect an IRS audit very soon. It’s the Obama way.

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4 Responses to “Obama Admits ObamaCare Is Not a ‘Smart Political Thing’ But Whines About ‘Toxic Political Environment’”

  1. luagha on 27/27/13 at 9:21 am

    The day that our President actually uses the slur ‘tea-baggers’ in a handwritten piece of mail is a sad day for our country.

  2. BeckoningChasm on 27/27/13 at 9:57 am

    This seems strange, to be honest. As much as I’m NOT a fan of Obama, it seems odd he’d take time out from matters of state (or his golf game, or endless vacations) to write a hand-written note to some random person. I’m skeptical that this is a real Obama-written letter.

  3. runningrn on 27/27/13 at 10:15 am

    I wouldn’t be surprised this is authentic. I wonder if Mr. Ritter had supported Obama and voted for him at least once. Obama is very thin skinned. If one of his former supporters criticized him, it probably just infuriated him and spurred him to respond.

  4. Nick Shaw on 27/27/13 at 11:44 am

    Right out of the gate, I’m kinda’ skeptical that Skeeter would respond with a hand written letter to someone criticizing O’Kare.
    That said, the fact that he used the slur “tea-baggers” without quotation marks tells me one of two things.
    He either hates the TEA Party with unconcealed passion (which I believe in any event) or he has to be the dumbest president ever, so sure of himself (being the narcissist that he is) that he figures he can use the term without apology.
    The strange thing is, the TEA Party or Tea Party leaning Americans make up a larger percentage of the public than unions do.
    Why would any president go out of his way to intentionally alienate a group larger than that of his most fervent supporters then whine about a “politically toxic environment”?
    This only makes sense if he’s an idiot or a pathological narcissist.