NYC Democrat Mayoral Candidate Worked With Sandinistas, Honeymooned in Cuba, Receives Obama Endorsement

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Naturally he’s scrubbed his history from his campaign website? What’s he hiding?

Mayoral front runner Bill de Blasio is facing questions about his past political affiliations 25 years ago, in particular his support of the Nicaraguan leftists and communist Cuba, according to a New York Times report.

The Times reported that 25 years ago de Blasio went to Nicaragua in support of the leftist regime there and said he believed in democratic socialism. The article also noted that de Blasio and his wife honeymooned in Cuba.

When reporters tried to ask the Democratic mayoral candidate about the article after a news conference against Iranian nuclear policies on Monday he would not answer. He may have wanted reporters to come to his endorsement by the Queens Democratic Party later in the day. But even here he would not fully answer all the allegations of the story.

“I won’t get into the details of what was accurate or not accurate in that article,” de Blasio said. “But I will say what is accurate is I talked about Franklin Roosevelt and progressive change.”

When I asked him his position on Cuba he answered: “The embargo against Cuba is wrong.”

Gee, that’s really a forceful statement, huh? More here from the Times.

Mr. de Blasio remained supportive of the Sandinistas, often referred to by their acronym, F.S.L.N., even after they lost power. “People who had shallow party sympathies with the F.S.L.N. pretty much dropped everything when they lost,” said Jane Guskin, a fellow activist in the solidarity group. “Bill wasn’t like that.”

He has remained interested in Latin America — he even honeymooned in Cuba (in violation of a United States travel ban). To this day, he speaks admiringly of the Sandinistas’ campaign, noting advances in literacy and health care. “They had a youthful energy and idealism mixed with a human ability and practicality that was really inspirational,” he said.

But Mr. de Blasio said he was also not blind to the party’s imperfections. He said the revolutionary leaders were “not free enough by any stretch of the imagination,” pointing to their efforts to crack down on dissent by shuttering newspapers and radio stations.

Gee, he realized hardline communists don’t support freedom? A quick learner, this guy. Even more disturbing, especially for New Yorkers:

In 1991, at one of his final meetings with the Nicaragua Solidarity Network, he argued that the liberal values the group had defended were “far from dead” around the world, with blossoming movements in places like Mexico, the Philippines, El Salvador and Brazil, according to minutes of the meeting. He spoke of a need to understand and build alliances with Islam, predicting it would soon be a dominant force in politics.

Considering New York City is the number one target of Islam, residents should be very afraid. Naturally, Obama wholeheartedly endorses this far-left radical.

In a statement released by Mr. de Blasio’s campaign, Mr. Obama said Mr. de Blasio’s platform of “progressive change” would make him “a great mayor.” He also cited three of Mr. de Blasio’s top priorities — financing prekindergarten education, making housing more affordable and preserving community hospitals.

“Bill’s agenda for New York is marked by bold, courageous ideas that address the great challenges of our time,” Mr. Obama said in his statement.

Bold, courageous ideas like supporting Communists and Islamists. Wonderful.

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