“No one is more happy about this latest event than the IRS”

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 at 7:15 am

Remember when Obama claimed he was “outraged” over his IRS scandal? Anyone notice the lack of so-called “outrage” over the NSA leaks? He’s probably busy celebrating. His media frontmen sure do seem happy.

President Barack Obama needed a plot twist — badly.

Enter Edward Snowden.

The 29-year-old contractor who says he leaked the documents on the National Security Agency’s snooping activities has become a gripping story on his own — stealing the show from the spying program itself.

Now the media is fixated on new questions about Snowden’s motivations, background and decisions — like the one to flee to Hong Kong.

It’s a reprieve for Obama, who was taking hits in the press, from Democrats and even some Republicans for running a program they cried is too reminiscent of the George W. Bush era– a new storyline that takes the focus off Obama, even briefly.

“There are 50 new storylines, all of which lead away from Obama,” said Paul Begala, the former Bill Clinton strategist who has seen his share of political firestorms.

Snowden may even draw some of the fire away from the Obama administration’s other scandals — especially the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

“No one is more happy about this latest event than the IRS,” said former George W. Bush White House spokesman Tony Fratto. “I joked last night that they’re holding an Edward Snowden appreciation day.”

The media is no doubt thrilled their hero Obama gets a reprieve, if only until his next scandal blows up.


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