No, He’s Not Obsessed: Rallying for McAuliffe, Obama Tears Into Tea Party

Posted by on Nov 03, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Apparently the first thing he thinks of every day is the Tea Party, not the economy, as he’s fatuously claimed many times. They live rent-free in his empty head. We guess targeting them in a massive abuse of power involving the IRS isn’t enough. It seems all his campaign speeches between now and next November will invoke this fearsome group of Americans who seek to slow the runaway growth of the federal government.

 President Barack Obama cast Republican Ken Cuccinelli on Sunday as part of an extreme tea party Republican faction that shut down the government, throwing the political weight of the White House behind Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the final days of a bitter race for governor.

National issues that have sorely divided Democrats and Republicans spilled into the race as Obama rallied for McAuliffe just outside Washington. As Obama tore into Cuccinelli as a compromise-averse ideologue, Cuccinelli was telling his supporters that Tuesday’s election will be a referendum on Obama’s unpopular health care law and McAuliffe’s support for it.

“This isn’t a game,” Obama told a crowd of 1,600 gathered in a high school gymnasium. “There are very real consequences when you operate ideologically, the way some of these folks do.”

This isn’t a game, says the man famous for the line I won. How amusing would it be if he proves to be the kiss of death for McAuliffe. Considering how low he is in the polls, that’s not a stretch.

 Update: Conspicuously absent from Obama’s Tea Party temper tantrum today: Any mention of his ObamaCare trainwreck.

Cuccinelli’s campaign aggressively bracketed Obama by focusing on health care. They’ve welcomed the president’s trip — just a 10-minute drive from the White House — predicting it will galvanize conservatives and eager to make the vote becomes as much as possible a referendum on the problems with

Obama, though, did not discuss his signature legislative accomplishment during his 21-minute speech, and McAuliffe made only passing reference to his support for expanding Medicaid.

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  1. KenH on 3/03/13 at 7:12 pm

    Its not really a surprise. The diseased narcissistic douchebag doesnt give a shit about anything but his own image. The Republic and anything else are way down the list.

    Burn in hell, RAT scum