New York Times Finally Mentions Menendez and His Shady Donor, Ignores Prostitution Angle

Posted by on Feb 01, 2013 at 7:49 am

The New York Times has been dragged kicking and screaming to the Robert Menendez scandal, but in an exhaustive story on the corrupt New Jersey Democrat  and his ties to Democrat sugar daddy Salomon Melgen they somehow managed to ignore the reports of Menendez shortchanging the 16-year-old prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

All the news that’s fit to print so long as it doesn’t hurt a prominent Democrat. But there is one rather juicy nugget that does make news.

Two years ago, Dr. Melgen, despite an apparent lack of experience in border security issues, bought an ownership interest in a company that had a long-dormant contract with the Dominican Republic to provide port security. Mr. Menendez, who is chairman of the Senate subcommittee that holds sway over the Dominican Republic, subsequently urged officials in the State and Commerce Departments to intervene so the contract would be enforced, at an estimated value of $500 million.

Hmm. No wonder Democrats are fleeing this guy in droves.

Reid defended the Menendez as a “friend” and “outstanding senator” but declined to discuss any details he may have had with the New Jersey lawmaker about media reports of allegations that he had sex with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

“First of all, Bob Menendez is my friend. He’s an outstanding senator. Any questions in this regard, direct to him. I don’t know anything about it,” Reid said.

He knows nuthink!
Meanwhile, the embattled Menendez is on the run, fleeing from reporters finally playing catch-up months after the prostitution story was broken.

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, under fire for his alleged solicitation of underage prostitutes while traveling in the Dominican Republic, was pursued out of the congressional dinner in Washington D.C tonight by a horde of state and national media.

But the senator proved quicker than the press corps, heading directly for an elevator to be whisked away.

The senator all but ignored the pursuing journalists, giving nary a backward glance to one reporter’s shouts of “senator, did you sleep with prostitutes?”

Menendez likely is in violation of Senate rules for failing to pay for his flights to go see the hookers, which may be the least of his troubles.

Curiously absent from the discussion about Menendez is prominent feminists like his colleague Barbara Boxer, who back in the 1990s led the charge against Sen. Bob Packwood, hounding him out of the Senate after he alegedly made a pass at a woman. That was a national crisis back then. Now one of her buddies was allegedly schtupping 16-year-old girls and he gets a free pass. Also notably silent is feminist icon Sandra Fluke. Funny how their own get a free pass, huh?

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3 Responses to “New York Times Finally Mentions Menendez and His Shady Donor, Ignores Prostitution Angle”

  1. Observer on 1/01/13 at 11:38 am

    For a democrat pol such as Menendez having sex with underage girls prostitutes or otherwise is nothing more than resume enhancement. “Joisey” sophisticated (sarc) voters will love it!!He will win by amassive landslide in the next election.

  2. Fuzzlenutter on 5/05/13 at 5:55 am

    Sandra Fluke:

    “He’s one of us so he can diddle, abuse, molest, and/or rape any little girl or boy that he desires. My only concern is, will she get birth control paid for by the American taxpayer?”