New Democrat Pitch: ‘We can’t let a few Obamacare skeptics ruin health care reform for millions of Americans’

Posted by on Dec 03, 2013 at 9:48 pm

Apparently this is another straw to grasp at as they face an electoral Hiroshima next November. See, those “few Obama skeptics: want to take away the healthcare of millions! From the mailbag:

President Obama just delivered this message to House Republicans from the White House: We’re not going back. We’re not repealing the Affordable Care Act. Period. (We couldn’t agree more.)

Period! Now that’s some shameless shit right there

Right now, John Boehner and his Republican attack dogs are trying to bring down the law by searching for a handful of anti-Obamacare stories to screech about. A handful of stories? These people simply do not live in reality. We know for every one of their stories, there are a hundred stories about how repealing reform would hurt Americans who are counting on the Affordable Care Act. You might even have your own. Maybe you have a child with a preexisting condition who can finally get affordable coverage, or maybe you received a health care rebate. There are so many ways the Affordable Care Act is helping people across the country and we think you might be one of them:

Funny thing is, it’s the media, not the GOP telling stories.

Click here to tell us your story — how would a Republican Obamacare repeal hurt you?


We can’t let a few Obamacare skeptics ruin health care reform for millions of Americans. Let’s overwhelm John Boehner with the stories of how repealing the Affordable Care Act would affect real Americans: Thanks for your support! DCCC Rapid Response

Understandably they’re preaching to the choir (mostly) with this garbage, but they’re flirting with disaster to pretend ObamaCare is affecting only a few people.

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