MSNBC Focus Group Agrees Obama’s a Total Failure: ‘He’s a big disappointment’

Posted by on Dec 09, 2013 at 10:31 am

You know things are bad when even the Obama supporters, on NBC no less, realize what a disaster Obama has been.

Once staunch supporters of the President, former Obama voters are now expressing their disappointment in him, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd reported.

A focus group conducted by Peter Hart, a Democratic Pollster, found that President Obama is losing credibility with his faithful allies.

Eight of the eleven participants in the Ohio group- independents or independent leaners- voted for President Obama in 2012, but not one of them described themselves as “proud” or “satisfied” with him. Instead, they said that they were ‘disappointed’ with him, and used words like “inexperienced,” “powerless,” “cautious,” “timid,” and “overwhelmed” to describe him.

Geez, they all but called him a SCOAMF.

Another participant added: “He’s a big disappointment. He’s not focused on creating more jobs, just fixing the economy, getting things going again, making people more prosperous. It’s like the economy is just sitting still.”

Obama’s recent polling in Ohio was pretty much as bad as it gets. The hapless Chuck Todd, Obama fanboy, seems crushed.

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One Response to “MSNBC Focus Group Agrees Obama’s a Total Failure: ‘He’s a big disappointment’”

  1. Veritas on 10/10/13 at 2:18 pm

    Unfortunately these people are not independents. Powerless? Timid? Cautious? Has there ever been a more reckless president. One who plunges on regardless of the consequences and damages, predictable and unforeseen, as Commissar Zero?

    Clearly these dolts wish Obama had been even more radical. So they must be independents, sort of like Trotsky.