More on the Obamacare IT nightmare

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 at 7:47 am

In response to my blogpost on how setting up the information technology for Obamacare is an “impossible endeavor,” Reader John Capron of Modena, New York, whose LinkedIn profile shows 35 years of IT experience, has given me permission to quote the following, which I pass along without further comment:

“Wow, what can go wrong here? Let me assess this based on my years of experience in this industry. The federal government is going to build 50 exchanges, using a data hub that doesn’t exist physically and in fact, the design hasn’t been solidified, and must be accessible to a variety of data processing technologies that range from archaic to old. Each of the 50 states have different eligibility rules, and with a significant number of states opting out, the federal government now has to learn the intricacies of each state’s Medicaid eligibility models which then scale to different applicability rules for different members of a given family. The thousands of pages of bureaucratic rules that will drive requirements haven’t been completed yet, and those requirements are needed to drive design not only for the application programs, but for the entire processing architecture.

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One Response to “More on the Obamacare IT nightmare”

  1. chris on 29/29/13 at 12:22 am

    Unfortunately, the impossibility of complying is the goal of the tyrants. Your IT guy is good at pointing out why it won’t work in an affordable manner but wastes his time since the objective of the statists is to collapse any semblance of free market pricing.

    Ergo,the worse the mess, the more successful the fascists have been.

    Basic fat is that we are dealing with the Culture of Death – nilists who could make Hitler proud. Always a rationale to destroy, kill and create havoc.

    Well being, efficiency, life, individual control…none of these things matter when totalitarian control is within your grasp.