Micromanaging Your Ballpark Eating Habits: Obama Urges Fans to Skip Hot Dogs and Eat Kale

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 at 5:37 pm

It just never stops with this clown. A routine visit by a sports championship team turns into a promotion for his dopey wife. Could you just turn the politics off for five fucking minutes please?

President Obama used the 2012 World Series-winning San Francisco Giants as his backdrop late Monday to call on baseball fans to eat vegan at games and for stadiums to offer kale, eggplant and strawberries.

Honoring the world champs, Obama ended his address on the South Lawn with a health pitch made easy by the Giants ownership which is installing baseball’s first edible garden inside AT&T Park.

“I’m proud to announce that next season they’re planning to turn the centerfield bleachers at AT&T Park into what’s believed to be the first ever edible garden in a major American sports facility,” cheered the president. “With rows of kale and strawberries and eggplant, the Giants are going to help encourage local youth to eat healthy — even at the ballpark,” he added.

The White House website linked the garden to his wife’s health initiative, calling it something “close to first lady Michelle Obama’s heart — encouraging healthy eating.”

But Obama isn’t demanding an all-vegan diet at the park. “Even Michelle would say it’s okay to have a hotdog once in awhile, though. I don’t want everybody to get carried away and think they have to have kale every time they go to the ballpark.”

Well, isn’t that special? Even Mooch is OK with a hot dog now and then. Gee, we’re so grateful.

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One Response to “Micromanaging Your Ballpark Eating Habits: Obama Urges Fans to Skip Hot Dogs and Eat Kale”

  1. dahozho on 31/31/13 at 9:55 am

    Typical lefty dictatorial drivel– Do as I SAY, not as you SEE ME DOING. When does Obozo ever pass up the chance for some good solid fatty meat-based food when he’s away from the beard?