Media Sleuths Crack Mysterious Cory Booker ‘T-Bone’ Story

Posted by on Sep 03, 2013 at 11:00 am

Nah, we’re just kidding. Cory Booker’s make-believe friend was a one-day blip, long since forgotten over the Labor Day weekend. If a Republican had such a humiliating revelation he’d have been hounded out of politics by now. But Golden Boy? Hey, it’s old news, let’s move on! So now we’ve moved on to more pressing issues, like the fact the formerly buff media dreamboat has suddenly become a fat slob.

His waistline is catching up with his poll numbers.

Democrat Cory Booker, 44, is starting to resemble rotund Republican Gov. Chris Christie as he packs on the pounds while campaigning for the Senate seat vacated by the late Frank Lautenberg.

The formerly fit Newark mayor, who is leading his opponent in the race by 28 percentage points, has been chowing down on far too many funnel cakes at the Jersey Shore, where he waddled down the boardwalk last week with his shirt untucked and clinging to his chest.

“I’m eating my way through New Jersey,” Booker laughed when asked by The Post yesterday about his weight gain at a street fair in East Rutherford.

“The good thing about me is it’s easy for me to gain weight — and I can lose weight, too.”

Booker sweated through his blue Oxford shirt at a South Plainfield, NJ, Labor Day parade where he really “pounded” the pavement.

“It’s hot,” he huffed. “You should have seen me — I soaked through my last shirt. I had to change shirts.”

The darling of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey said he has plans to shape up.

Sure he will. Naturally this does come with some irony:

He’s ironically an honorary vice chairman of Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America. And as Newark mayor, he’s focused on expanding food options in the city and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Let’s move, bitches!



Wait, we’ve got it. He ate T-Bone!

The 6-foot-3 former Stanford University football player admitted to Men’s Health magazine that he ballooned to an “embarrassing” 309 pounds last summer — the most he’s ever weighed. He said his weight has yoyo’ed since he entered politics, so much so that nanny Mayor Bloomberg advised him to “stop eating” at the time.

Another Mike Bloomberg success story.


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