Liberal Rag Slate: ‘Sorry, Right-Wing Media: The “Knockout Game” Trend Is a Myth’

Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 at 7:59 am
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Sorry to let you know, folks, but these widespread attacks across the nation you’ve heard about are just a myth. Yes, someone actually writes this.

Now, the false trend story of black mob violence has cropped up again, as it seems to do annually, in conservative media outlets. (McKay Coppins wrote about this phenomenon in BuzzFeed last year.) The new scare is the “knockout game,” in which black youths supposedly attack innocent people just for fun. Conservative pundits decry the MSM for suffering from political correctness and whitewashing crimes perpetrated by black people, but a more reasonable explanation for why most media outlets aren’t devoting round-the-clock coverage to the knockout game is that—sorry, Sean Hannity—there is no hard data showing that it’s a trend.

False trend, she claims. McKay Coppins says so. Just not happening. But wait, it really is:

An important clarification: the game definitely exists, and has been around for at least a couple of years. I’m not claiming the game doesn’t exist. But the idea that it’s reached epidemic levels, or that it’s only being played by young black people, is a fallacy.

So wait, is it happening or not happening? Over to you, LA Times.

Knockout game stories spiked last week, after a 24-year-old Brooklyn man was set upon by a stranger. A 28-year-old African American man was arrested and charged with a hate crime. That assault followed at least two other similar incidents. The victims were Jewish; the alleged perpetrators were black.

“We still have issues of anti-Semitism in the black community,” said the ADL’s Susskind. “But even that is way down.”

There is no consensus among law enforcement that the “knockout game” is even a thing. “If ever there was an urban myth, this was it,” a Jersey City police spokesman told the New York Times last week.

You know who doesn’t think this is a myth? Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

With cases reported in other U.S. cities including New York, Mayor Nutter says the city is working to stay ahead of the problem, but needs parents to do their part.

“This is not a game. You can seriously injure or possibly kill someone. Your child’s life will be dramatically changed, and probably yours as well as a parent. So let’s cut out the nonsense. There are many other things that people can do to enjoy themselves. This is not one of them,” Nutter said.

The Mayor says that anyone caught taking part in the “knockout” game will face charges ranging from aggravated assault up to third degree murder, but that’s not all.

“You’re also hurting another human being for no reason at all. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior, it will not be tolerated here in the city. We will do everything we can to both prevent, but if someone does engage, we will catch you. You’ll be prosecuted, and your life will be changed dramatically,” he said.

No excuse, except if you’re a write for Slate or the LA Times, where excuses are readily available.  You know who also doesn’t believe this is a myth. Yes, Al Sharpton.

When a 78-year-old Jewish woman was walking down the street in Brooklyn earlier this month, the last thing she expected was to be punched in the face. Tragically, that’s exactly what happened. The elderly woman was apparently the victim of what authorities are calling a “knockout game” — where, according to police, an attacker or attackers aim to knock out a person with a single sucker punch. It is an alarming trend that is spurring outrageous incidents across the country. It is deplorable, reprehensible and inexcusable. It is insane thuggery, and it is unequivocally wrong. These kids are targeting innocent people, and in many cases specifically targeting Jewish folks. We would not be silent if it were the other way around, and we will not be silent now. This behavior is racist, period. And we will not tolerate it.

Welcome to the world of right-wing myths and hysteria, Reverend Al.

Meanwhile, a New York City teen was arrested in one of these mythical attacks Monday.

Police have arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with the attack of a 12-year-old Brooklyn boy who claimed he was a victim of the “Knockout Game.”

The suspect was taken to the 71st Precinct in Crown Heights by his mother, charged with third-degree assault and aggravated harassment and then released back into his mother’s custody, police told 1010 WINS. He is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

According to a news release by the Jewish Future Alliance, the alleged attacker denies that he was playing the “Knockout Game,” in which youths sucker punch innocent bystanders for kicks.

Perhaps he’s a Slate reader. Meanwhile, a 72-year-old Brooklyn woman was sucker-punched Monday in yet another one of the fabricated, mythical attacks.

  Police are investigating another possible “Knockout Game” attack in Brooklyn after a 72-year-old Russian woman was sucker-punched in the face on Monday, police sources said.

Mira Harpazi was making a trip to a pharmacy when a young man walked up to her around noon near the intersection of Vandalia Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave. in East New York and socked her in the mouth, the sources said.

The suspect said nothing to Harpazi, who was coming from Starrett City, and did not make an attempt to rob her, one law enforcement source told the Daily News. The suspect was described by the sources only as a black man in his early 20s.

The victim, who is Jewish, was taken to Brookdale Hospital and listed in stable condition, police said.

But move along, you hysterical people. None of this is really happening:

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  1. Sinclair on 26/26/13 at 8:24 am

    You are a dumbass. This article removes all doubt that you are a dumbass. Just like all the dumbasses that think they are getting free healthcare via Obamacare.

  2. Hamilton on 26/26/13 at 9:48 am

    Slate will always take the opposing view of conservatives, no matter what the subject is.

    Facts or statistics are not important to them.

  3. Pablo on 26/26/13 at 10:05 am

    Note that Slate assures us that the phenomenon is a myth because there isn’t enough data. Or, “We know it isn’t true because we don’t know if it’s true.”

  4. V the K on 26/26/13 at 11:24 am

    But let one lesbian couple be excluded from a prom and the media will go wall-to-wall with how pervasive and epidemic homophobia is.

  5. Press Watch on 26/26/13 at 1:10 pm

    How’s about I take you for a little stroll you idiot

    I’ll watch

    and keep my piece handy –

    I’m not a very good shot though

  6. Press Watch on 26/26/13 at 1:18 pm

    Just to clarify McKay Coppins is the idiot

    FYI – I come from Brooklyn and was always aware of this BS

    It is NO MYTH!

    Which is why I left that liberal cesspool

  7. Da Truf on 26/26/13 at 7:28 pm

    Slate – Where junior writers too left wing for the Washington Post go to play reporter.