Junk Scientist Mike Bloomberg Unveils $20B Plan to Handle Climate Change

Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 at 12:59 pm

Not content with his childlike anti-gun obsession that already endangers Senate Democrats, cloying nanny-state nightmare Michael Bloomberg is now peddling junk science to promote a $20 billion plan to save New Yorkers not only from the dangers of Big Gulps, but from non-existent global warming. Despite the fact the earth’s temperature hasn’t risen in 15 years, as part of a plan to shield parts of New York City from dangerous storms such as Sandy, Bloomberg also plans to keep people away from the heat or something.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing removable flood walls for much of lower Manhattan, a permanent 15-to-20-foot levee in part of Staten Island and a system of gates and levees at a Brooklyn creek as part of a nearly $20 billion plan to protect New York City from storms and global warming.

How flood walls will protect anyone from so-called global warming is a mystery.

“We have to look ahead and anticipate any and all future threats, not only from hurricanes and other coastal storms but also from droughts, heavy downpours and heat waves — many of which are likely to be longer and more intense in the years to come,” an excerpt from the mayor’s planned speech says.

Apparently Bloomberg thinks he can predict the weather. Good luck with that. To support his nonsense, the tiny tyrant is helpfully enabled by some climate kooks, with an assist from the AP reporter.

The recommendations will draw from updated predictions from the New York City Panel on Climate Change, a scientists’ group convened by the city.

The average day could be 4 degrees to nearly 7 degrees hotter by mid-century, the panel estimates in data Pinsky and Holloway discussed Monday. A once-in-a-century storm would likely spur a surge 5 or more feet higher than did Sandy, which sent a record 14-foot storm tide gushing into lower Manhattan.

Of course they provide no evidence to support the wild-eyed assertion we could be as much as 7 degrees warmer around mid-century. Why bother why the science is (cough cough) settled?

Scientists have reached a consensus on global warming but still debate how severe the effects will be.

Really, they’ve reached a consensus? Why that’s news to pretty much the entire planet.  We can tell you one thing New Yorkers really fear and would like to be shielded from is the current mayor.

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