It’s Come to This: ObamaCare Restrictions Lead Brooklyn Couple To Consider Divorce

Posted by on Nov 06, 2013 at 5:47 pm

ObamaCare: Breaking up families since 2013!

From website crashes to long holds on calls, the issues involved with the unveiling of the Affordable Care Act are well documented.

But now, could it be breaking couples up?

CBS 2’s Don Champion spoke to one Brooklyn couple on Wednesday who said they may be forced to get a divorce to get health insurance.

Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara’s love affair began at a party in 2008.

“We kissed on a bean bag chair,” Aronowitz said.

A year later, it grew into a marriage at City Hall in Manhattan.

“It was really sudden,” Aronowitz said. “It was basically because he needed health insurance, and I had a job that would give that to him.”

But four years later, there is now irony in the fact the couple could soon divorce for the same reason.

“After Obamacare has rolled out, we realized that we would save thousands of dollars if we got divorced,” Aronowitz said.

The issue for Aronowitz and Cassara is that together as family of only two, they make more than the $62,000 level to qualify for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. But if they lived together unmarried, they would qualify for the subsidies and could literally save hundreds of dollars a month on their health care.

A single person can qualify for subsidies if they make less than $46,000 a year.

“It’s really complicated,” Aronowitz said. “Go on the website, you’ll see what I mean.”

Aronowitz, a freelance writer, and Cassara, who works as a freelancer in the film industry, lost their health coverage recently when Aronowitz was laid off.

Critics of the Affordable Care Act have called the pricey decision couple faces the “marriage penalty.” But the income levels for subsidies were set by Congress.

A Democrat Congress, they fail to note. So, folk, how’s that Hopenchange working out for you?

Just a hunch, but I’m going to guess these folks didn’t vote for Romney. Oh, and remind us again how this won’t hurt Democrats in 2014.

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5 Responses to “It’s Come to This: ObamaCare Restrictions Lead Brooklyn Couple To Consider Divorce”

  1. genes on 6/06/13 at 9:46 pm

    One should note that Dem Pres LBJ’s “war on poverty”(which has been, if anything, less successful than the Kennedy/Johnson War in Vietnam) made being married and poor a very bad thing. It cut the bennies considerably more than the income would increase. One might come to believe that for some reason the Party of the Klan, and Sanger’s Eugenics Program, wishes to destroy families, especially minority ones.

  2. meep on 7/07/13 at 4:15 am

    Yes, the subsidy cliff is pretty steep. One of the big drivers is that the federal poverty line for couples is less than twice that for a single person, and health premiums for a couple is twice in NY.

    It will bite in other states too, but given that premiums are the same at every adult age in NY to regulatory restrictions, that boosts the need for subsidies rather high for younger folks and provides an extremely strong disincentive to marriage.

  3. GGinNC on 7/07/13 at 10:34 am

    I’m starting to wonder if government involvement in marriage won’t begin to produce these unintended consequences. Marriage, as an institution, has existed long before governments. Eventually, this morphed into a civil recognition.

    In fact, many states consider a couple married by default if they live with someone for a period of time. Essentially, they’re forcing people to be married in the eyes of the law. So here’s where I am tossing around some ideas. Do we, in fact, have a right to NOT have a legally recognized marriage? I’m wondering if these “civil divorces”, meaning there is a break in the legal partnership, but the individual relationships continue, might just become a form of civil disobedience.

    I’m not advocating divorce, nor am I an advocate of cohabitating. Relationships without serious committement degrade society. But I have to wonder if that need for committment is met elsewhere and it makes financial sense to remain or become legally un-married, why would a couple need to seek sanction from the government?

  4. Blacque Jacques Shellacque on 8/08/13 at 2:48 am

    Any bets on who they voted for in ’08 and ’12? Anyone?

    Hmm, New York, huh?

    I’d be very surprised if they didn’t vote the way I think they did.