Irony: So-Called ‘Sanctuary City’ Refuses to Take Body of Dead Terrorist

Posted by on May 07, 2013 at 9:33 am

They’ll  offer sanctuary to illegal aliens, so long as they’re still breathing and sucking off the public teat. When they become an embarrassment, well, then they’re on their own.

And here I thought Cambridge was a “sanctuary city.”

I guess not when it comes to burying Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who lived there for a decade.

Not in our backyard, said Cambridge’s $350,000-a-year City Manager Robert Healy.

Wait, what? A City Manager draws a $350,000 paycheck? Really?

Clearly Healy’s not the hero in this embarrassing burial tale.

Neither are the other politicians with the juice to fix this humiliation: Gov. Deval Patrick, our newly minted Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Reps. Ed Markey and Jim McGovern, to name a few.

All of the above-named just love the television cameras. Except not now.

“It’s a family issue,” said Gov. Patrick, as if this were just any family or any alleged killer, not the despised young man accused of letting loose weapons of mass destruction at the Boston Marathon just three weeks ago.

“The federal government should take possession of the remains and return them to his family,” said Markey, sounding as if he were not a powerful insider in that very same federal government. Jim McGovern, who represents Worcester, said he’s made some phone calls. Stay tuned.

I rather liked Gabriel Gomez’s idea: Bury Tsarnaev at sea, like Osama bin Laden.

Gomez should make it a campaign issue. At least he’s got a solid opinion.

Supposedly offers are pouring in from around the country from people saying they’ll take this dead scumbag.

A Massachusetts funeral director said Monday he has received burial offers for more than 100 out-of-state graves for the body of a Boston Marathon bombing suspect who was killed in a gun battle with police but none are panning out, even as Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s mother told him she wants the body returned to Russia.

Worcester funeral home director Peter Stefan said none of the 120 grave offers from the U.S. and Canada, have worked out because, when he calls officials of the cities or towns involved, nobody wants the body.

Stefan also said that, despite the request by Tsarnaev’s mother, he doesn’t think Russia will take the body. He said he made calls to Russia, but that it was hard to get anyone to respond. He said he is working on other arrangements, but declined to be more specific.

One Response to “Irony: So-Called ‘Sanctuary City’ Refuses to Take Body of Dead Terrorist”

  1. Blue Hen on 7/07/13 at 10:07 am

    So the dear leader tells students at Ohio State to trust government, and they can’t organize a one car funeral. That’s where you’d get that graveyard laugh.