Irish Pols Not Exactly Thrilled By Obama’s Visit: ‘Unprecedented Slobbering’ Over the ‘War Criminal’

Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 at 2:03 pm

Wouldn’t quite say the slobbering was unprecedented. Have these folks sampled the American media the past five years?

President Obama’s visit to the Group of Eight summit has created a political row in Ireland after an outspoken liberal lawmaker on Wednesday denounced the U.S. president as a “war criminal” for his drone use and his decision to arm the Syrian rebels.

Parliamentarian Clare Daly said her country’s government had showcased the country “as a nation of pimps, prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head,” The Irish Times reports.The “unprecedented slobbering” during Obama’s two-day visit to Northern Ireland, she said, had even led to speculation that “you were going to deck the Cabinet out in leprechaun hats decorated with a bit of stars and stripes to really mark abject humiliation.”

Ouch. Don’t you love it when these lefties turn on the Nobel Peace Prize winner?

“This is the man who is in essence stalling the Geneva peace talks [scheduled for next month] by trying to broker enhanced leverage for the Syrian opposition by giving them arms — and to hell with the thousands more who’ll lose their lives, or the tens of thousands who will be displaced,” Daly said.

“This is the man who has facilitated a 200 percent increase in the use of drones which have killed thousands of people, including hundreds of children.”

This Obama as war criminal meme is really getting a lot of traction these days from the hard left.

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