Incredible Coincidence: Media Poster Boy for ObamaCare Just Happens to Work for Organizing for America

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Amazing that in a country of 320 million people the media just happened to find one guy who managed to get through all the “glitches” on the ObamaCare websites and get himself some of that awesome socialized medicine.

Just moments after writing a blog post Thursday morning, about the lack of information on Obamacare enrollees, Enroll America reached out with contact information for Chad Henderson, a 21-year-old in Georgia who had successfully enrolled in coverage on the federal marketplace.

It was a little difficult to reach Henderson, mostly because so many other reporters wanted to talk to him. “I’m supposed to talk to the Chattanooga Times Free Press in a half hour,” Henderson said. “And The Wall Street Journal is supposed to call.”

Luckily, Henderson managed to squeeze me in for a few minutes. He’s a student at Chattanooga State University who lives across the state border in Flintstone, Ga. (population: 3,456). He describes himself as a supporter of President Obama who has anxiously awaited Obamacare’s rollout.

“I haven’t had health insurance for 14 years,” Henderson said. “My dad put me on BlueCross BlueShield, but the premiums kept rising, and we dropped it since he wasn’t making that much.”

Henderson is a part-time worker at a day-care center. He did not qualify for tax credits to purchase health coverage because his income is below the poverty line. Since Georgia is not expanding the Medicaid program, that meant Henderson was essentially responsible for his entire premium.

He’s not just an Obama supporter. He’s a plant from Obama’s Organizing for Action. Amazing how the Washington Post failed to notice that. Chad claims that a “non-partisan” group called Enroll America just happened to stumble across him.

Yes, he said non-partisan.

Organizing for Action, the successor to President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and Enroll America, a group led by two former Obama staffers that features several insurance company bigwigs on its board, are planning to unleash the same grass-roots mobilization and sophisticated micro-targeting tactics seen in the 2012 campaign.

In fact, Henderson removed from his Twitter page the fact he works for OFA until he was shamed into putting it back up. Yet nobody finds it curious that a guy who advocates for Obama magically happened to be the one man in America who managed to get through the malfunctioning ObamaCare website.

It’s all such a random happenstance considering the day before the ObamaCare exchanges opened Chad was equipped with the talking points.

Tomorrow is a major day! And a day that is critical for you and your family. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Starting tomorrow, you can go to where you’ll be able to compare and shop online for health insurance plans. It’s simple: You enter some basic information about yourself, like your age and income, and right away, you’ll see a list of plans. You’ll be able to clearly see what each plan covers and how much it’ll cost you. You’ll also find out if you qualify for tax credits that will lower your premium cost. Pick the option that works best for you, sign up and you’re done. It’s about finally taking responsibly for you and your family’s health. Nearly half of Americans who have individual insurance plans will receive assistance averaging $2,672 to purchase plans on the Obamacare marketplace. Insurance companies will be required to spend 80% of premium dollars on health care. If they don’t, they’ll be forced to give you a refund to make up the difference. Don’t let lies and misinformation hold you back from getting health care coverage. Take advantage of this law tomorrow!

Amazingly, the non-partisan Enroll America just managed to hook him up with the media. Now he’s loving the attention.

Crazy what you can find if you don’t work for the “mainstream” media:

But we’re supposed to believe this is all just a wild coincidence. Fortunately for Chad, there are plenty of useful idiots still pimping for him:

At least not everyone is as gullible as the media:

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6 Responses to “Incredible Coincidence: Media Poster Boy for ObamaCare Just Happens to Work for Organizing for America”

  1. Andrew on 4/04/13 at 10:16 am

    Ironically Henderson really is a leader though when you consider that Obama’s family (along with Congress) is exempt and hasn’t signed up for Obamacare themselves.

  2. TallDave on 4/04/13 at 11:35 am

    Chad “Potemkin” Henderson, truly a poster boy for Obama’s America, where conservatives get attacked by the IRS and Obama campaigners are the only ones getting Obamacare.

  3. Stephen on 4/04/13 at 12:26 pm

    This is shocking. I mean, I listened to Chad’s pitch and it put to rest all my concerns about obamacare; the unsustainable cost, government clerks making decisions about my healthcare, the fact that the entire plan runs contrary to reason and common sense and immediately got on line to sign up. I’ve been waiting on line since Tuesday morning and now I hear the boy’s nothing but the administration’s designated pimp. I’m bitterly disappointed. He seemed so sincere. We trusted you Chad, you little weasel.