Incompetent Obama Can’t Find Benghazi Suspects, But CNN Can

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 at 11:15 am

So why is the media talking about a so-called phony scandal nearly 11 months later?

The FBI has reportedly not been able to track-down the suspect, but CNN had no problem talking to him for two hours.

“It is interesting,” says King. “The FBI has put some photos up on its website of people of interest, but they haven’t arrested anybody. And I’ll tell you this: We’ve been working on a project here at CNN for a special due out later … And Arwa Damon, our great correspondent, went back to Benghazi. She sat down with one of the people the FBI says is a lead suspect for 2 hours. He says he’s never been contacted by the Libyan government, never been contacted by the FBI, so that is why you have this exasperation among some leading Republicans in the Congress.”

You know why we haven’t located him? Because nobody’s looking. To compound the madness, Queen Hillary of Rodham is getting an award for her (ahem) patriotism.

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