Incompetence: White House Ignored Warnings ObamaCare Website Was a Disaster

Posted by on Oct 09, 2013 at 8:26 am

Naturally, they ignored the warnings.

Major insurers, state health-care officials and Democratic allies repeatedly warned the Obama administration in recent months that the new federal health-insurance exchange had significant problems, according to people familiar with the conversations. Despite those warnings and intense criticism from Republicans, the White House proceeded with an Oct. 1 launch.

A week after the federal Web site opened, technical problems continued to plague the system, and on Tuesday people were locked out until 10 a.m., although some applicants were able to sign up as the day went on. Officials said they were working 24 hours a day to improve the system and that they were confident it would soon be able to meet the demand. They added that there was ample time to correct the site to allow consumers to get insured by Jan. 1.

Come January 1 there will be countless people left uninsured thanks to the gross incompetence and negligence of these boobs. Great job, Bammy. Meanwhile,  anonymous sources say they warned the idiots, but were ignored:

Two allies of the administration, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the controversy surrounding the rollout, said they approached White House officials this year to raise concerns that the federal exchange was not ready to launch. In both cases, Obama officials assured them there was no cause for alarm.

Oh, and if you were “fortunate” enough to get through and create an account? Good luck entering your password.

Amazingly, not a single “reporter” dared to ask Obama about his mess as Tuesday’s presser.


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3 Responses to “Incompetence: White House Ignored Warnings ObamaCare Website Was a Disaster”

  1. Donavon Pfeiffer on 9/09/13 at 10:11 am

    I’m nor sure the word incompetence applies here so much as arrogance. It would be perfectly reasonable for them to believe that there was no cause for alarm as they were assured of a compliant press to save them from the political fallout.

  2. Garden Gnome on 9/09/13 at 11:40 am

    Don’t move the goal posts for them.

    Eventually people will be signed up and they’ll call it a success.

    They have already failed.

    My insurance premiums have DOUBLED! Millions of people are losing their insurance and being forced onto MUCH more expensive plans.

    Obamacare has FAILED.

    Pointing out the web site flaws is fine but it must be done within the framework as pointing out that the programs is already a massive failure and this is just another example.

    Use every failure as a jumping off point in pointing out the countless lies Democrats told us and talking about the future failures that are still to come.

    Showing the past lies, the current failures and pointing out the horrible future is what EVERY article needs to do.

  3. tgr on 9/09/13 at 2:17 pm

    In both cases, Obama officials assured them there was no cause for alarm.

    You see when you own the MFM rumpswabs, there’s never pause for concern that this administrations incompetence and complete lack of professional capability will ever be exposed. Never. Ever.