Huge Blow: Weiner’s Campaign Chief Quits

Posted by on Jul 28, 2013 at 8:36 am

The flaccid Weiner campaign is in danger of imploding pretty quickly.

Anthony Weiner’s already limp mayoral campaign suffered another huge blow yesterday, when his campaign manager reportedly abandoned the sinking ship.

Danny Kedem quit as Weiner’s campaign point man following a disastrous week on the trail, the New York Times reported this morning.

With Kedem out of the already shrunken campaign staff, the longshot City Hall bid appeared to be floundering.

A campaign spokeswoman would not confirm or deny the report.

Weiner stood firm despite his travails yesterday, spending much of the day in his apartment shooting a campaign ad.

The NY Post reporters really are keeping it up, huh? In other news, it appears Weiner’s online paramour really is a model liberal.

Leathers was a gold-digging social climber who trolled Internet “sugar daddy” sites for wealthy men — and was not above taking a few Benjamins just for “talking,” according to her online chats and profiles, as well as school pals.

She went for Weiner, but her friends say cash was her real turn-on.

“She used to meet men,” said a 27-year-old former girlfriend from Chicago who requested anonymity. “She met a few guys on that site when she was visiting me. She wants the lifestyle without working for it.”

Leathers called herself a “22-year-old SugarBaby,” according to her profile on the SugarDaddyForMe dating Web site.

Last summer, even as she was sexting the married and already scandal-scarred ex-congressman, Leathers used her friend’s condo as her home base for dating wealthy Chicago men, according to her ex-pal, who said Leathers “was actively seeking men out to pay for her.”

Wow, a freeloader who wanted someone else to pay for her lifestyle? Get that girl an Obama administration post.



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