Hmm: Former IRS Commissioner ‘Appointed by Bush’ Donated to DNC, Has Soros and Rangel Connections

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It’s a running gag by now how former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulamn was appointed by George W. Bush. No Democrat can discuss the Obama IRS scandal without mentioning it. We would suggest they’re overreaching and overplaying their hand, but this could result in a backlash against the GOP. Anyway, there’s a fascinating look here on Shulman and some of the interesting company he’s kept in past years, including with perhaps the most notorious Democrat tax cheat in recent memory.

The IRS’s top man came to Harlem — and shared a stage with an accused tax cheat, Rep. Charles Rangel.

Commissioner Douglas Shulman and other officials yesterday urged New Yorkers to get the most out of their tax returns.

Asked about appearing with a pol who’s being probed for failing to pay taxes, Shulman said, “He’s one of the leaders in this country on tax policy issues. I work closely with him every day, and I’m honored to be on this stage with him.

That excerpt comes from a 2009 NY Post article, by the way. Funny how all the crack Democrat research operatives fail to mention this when they keep repeating the “Bush appointed him” bit.

Anyway, take the time to read the Spectator piece. Turns out Shulman is up to his ears in dubious cronies, some who can be linked to George Soros and Media Matters. Funny how none of the so-called mainstream media has unearthed any of this, nor have they bothered to mention that Shulman’s wife works for a far-left outfit that also has Soros connections.

Meanwhile, not that the Democrats or the media will relinquish their “Bush appointee” chew-toy any time soon, but here’s why Shulman was appointed.

But Shulman was a Bush appointee, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats like to point out.

In fact, when it came time to pick a new IRS Commissioner at the end of the Bush administration, as Bush White House press secretary Dana Perino has noted Democrats were not about to approve a Bushie for the IRS job that carried a five-year term. Bush was at the end of his second term, the GOP had already lost the 2006 election that made Pelosi Speaker and Harry Reid the Majority Leader of the Senate — the latter the place where IRS Commissioners are confirmed. Thus the IRS nominee had to be acceptable to Democrats. This was the supposedly “non-partisan” IRS, so the Bush administration simply decided this was one fight they didn’t need in the middle of two wars and all the rest of Bush troubles. At the end of November 2007, Shulman was nominated by Bush.

Perino now works for Fox and can easily be reached for comment, but apparently nobody is inclined to ask her about this stuff. Anyway, if you needed any more evidence Shulman is anything but a card-carrying Democrat, here you go:



Odd how a Bush appointee would give money to the Democrats in 2004, huh? Now while that’s the only contribution with his name on it, his wife has several of her own, including some to a guy named Obama,  one during the period while the guy who appointed her husband was in office.

Meanwhile, it sure looks like Shulman has even deeper ties to Obama that has been reported. Another snippet from the Spectator, which again, you have to go read.

This liberal network can easily explain Shulman’s 157 visits to the White House. It explains as well how Shulman could sit before an investigating committee of Congress and smirk that the only trip to the White House he could recall was for the Easter Egg Roll. It also makes perfect sense that Shulman would get a post-IRS job offer from a company whose CEO boasted of long relationships with the President himself, with Vice President Biden, and with Valerie Jarrett.

So too can the liberal network easily explain why Douglas Shulman felt it necessary to be calling on Jason Furman, the senior White House economic aide whose mother was well known in left-wing circles as, along with George Soros the Harlem Food Bank funder, a serious funder for Media Matters. Media Matters, the left-wing 501(c)(3) that mysteriously escaped the attention of the Shulman-run IRS.

Speaking of Soros and his flying monkeys from Media Matters, you’ll never guess who’s calling Obama IRS scandal a witch hunt.

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